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Amplify digitally with Codiant’s remarkable knack in mobile app development. The highly experienced and passionate team of Codiant is rewarded with the unconventional wisdom of designing breakthrough mobile apps that improvise brand repute, boost the performance indicators and increase the sales incredibly. We discern the pulse of your business needs accurately after a sincere one to one conversation with you and then come out with an interesting mobile app solution that completely fits your company’s needs. Do you have an Idea? We can deliver you an exceptional mobile app that is an absolute olio of creativity and profitability.

Why Choose Us


Mobile App Developers

We bring together the best team of iOS and Android app developers to work on an hourly or full-time basis.


Business Domain Served

We’re a global mobile app development company with deep industry& functional-domain knowledge.


Mobile App Projects

Vast experience in building highly functional and complex mobile apps for enterprises and companies.


Year of Experience

Delivering new-age app development services for 11+ years with design & strategy differentiation.


On Time Delivery

Meeting customers' expectations and delivery requirements with on-time delivery performance.


Support and Maintenance

Improvise your app product performance with our uninterruptable and proactive software support.


Benefits Of Mobile App Development

health-and-fitness 52%

Health And Fitness

of products are purchased using smartphones.

travel-and-hospitality 46%

Travel & Hospitality

of tours are ordered from mobile devices.

food-grocery 69%


of food are purchased using smartphone or tablets.

education 51%


of high school students use smartphones to educate themselves, compared to 28% in 2012.

realtime-communication 75%

Realtime Communication

of people worldwide are using audio-video chatting on their mobile phones.

internet-of-things 64%

Internet Of Things

of organizations have planned to eventually implement IoT, whereas 50% have already adopted.

real-estate 44%

Real Estate

of property are searched online using real estate apps.

social-networking 78%

Social Networking

of the population have a social networking profile, where around 60% of the population have at least one social account.

MVP Development

Building a perfect and polished app can take hundreds of hours of development time, which undeniably comes with sweep of expenses- where there’s no guarantee that people will even use it. But by building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), startups can minimize the development time and maximize the chances of building something people actually need and this way calculate the risk associated with the success of app in the market.

By building and launching the MVP first you can:

  • Test your business project by quickly moving to market.
  • Minimize initial development costs.
  • Save your time and efforts.
  • Get early adaptors and first paying customers.
  • Get user opinion about your product.

Cross Platform App Development

Mobile Apps For Any Device Across Any Platform

Cross Platform app development allows startups and businesses to be proactive and best reach to the target audience for high levels of engagement. This means your app could be built for multiple OS like iOS, Android and other and deployed on different platforms like web, desktop, mobile, tablets and wearable devices.

Codiant builds cross-platform mobile apps using Appcelerator, Titanium, Corona, Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap, Coredova and other frameworks.

Driving Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation

Industries We Serve

Empowering businesses across verticals by leveraging the power of mobility that help
accelerate innovation, reduce costs and improve performance.


Ecommerce, Retail &


Healthcare &




& Distribution


Banking, Finance
& Insurance


Education &

education &-elearning

& Automotive

transport & automotive



Food &


Real Estate &


& Hospitality


How We Work


Your Idea

  • Analysis of competitors
  • Define the business goals
  • Pick features to meet business goals
  • Define risks


  • Define the location of elements on the screen
  • Provide User Experience
  • Prepare Use Cases


  • 5 suggestions of logo
  • 3 suggestions of screen design
  • Description of user friendly interface practices applied.


  • Development plan with deliverables
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Straightforward hours tracking
  • Development Schedule


  • Test app for your control check
  • Automated API tests
  • Quality assurance

Submit To Store

  • Consultation on Apple Store and Play Market guidelines
  • Submission of the code to stores
  • Guiding through the process

That’s Us – To Get Your Idea Built, Exactly The Way You Want

We are visual analysts who believe in close collaborations and one-to-one meetings to decode ‘what you want to built’ and ‘how you want it built’.

SECOND, WE LEARN. We examine your idea and your purpose behind the launch. We define the audience. We gain deep insights and understanding of your brand. And we do all this taking you alongside so that we inherit your thoughts while getting it built.

Lastly, We Lead. We kick start the built with you in touch for feedbacks and approvals.

This is how we design, develop and deliver your ‘product’ in the way you want.

Talk to us, we’d love to help built and germinate your idea.


Our mobile application development process includes the following stages:

  • Project requirement analysis and goal definition.
  • App Prototyping & UI/UX app design: Creating clickable wireframes, visual user interfaces, and motion design.
  • App development: Planning, coding, and building.
  • App testing: Making the app 100% bug-free.
  • Deployment: Launching the app and deploying to the App Store & Play Store.
  • Monitoring & complete support: Updating your app with new features and functionalities.

At Codiant, we help enterprises and organizations by designing experiences that provide usability & accessibility, unlock customer’s behaviors & perceptions, and intersects clients’ business values, ethics, and standards.

The most important steps involved in our journey to the mobile app design process are:

  • UX Analysis: Studying business goals and project requirements.
  • Competitive Research: User persona creation, user journey maps, competitive analysis.
  • UX Wireframing: Building low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes.
  • Usability Testing: Testing clickable prototypes with real users.
  • Designing Style Guide: Collecting all visual identities and styles and sharing them with app developers.

To build mobile app there are two major app platforms: iOS and Android that together represent 99% of the market share. Given, these two platforms cater to different target audiences with disparities in platform-specific features. We recommend you consider the following factors before choosing a mobile app platform.

  • Who is the target audience of your app?
  • What are the features you look to develop?
  • Does App Security hold the first place?
  • What is your estimated cost to develop the app?
  • How well the platform can integrate with third party devices?

At Codiant, we can help you in the decision-making process of choosing the right app platform. Also, if you want to develop an app for multiple platforms altogether you can go for cross-platform app development.

Yes, at Codiant we help companies to fuel their ideas with the end-to-end mobile application development process. Our roadmap to fuel your app idea to market includes major steps like:

  • Analyze and validate your app idea.
  • Make a prototype of your basic app idea.
  • Define investments and cost structure.
  • Build an MVP to test your app idea and improve it if neede.
  • Soft launch and measuring success with performance app metrics.
  • Final app launch followed with continuous improvement.
Yes, we are your end-to-end app development service provider. We take care of every stage involved in creating a mobile app. Right from app planning and analysis to design, development, and deployment.
The key factors that decide the app development cost are- your choice of app platform, UI/UX design, no. of features and functionalities, complexities involved, third-party integration (if any), and support & maintenance costs. To know about the estimated price of your app project, kindly send us your requirements at and we will get back to you with our quote.