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Personalizing Experiences to Delight Customers Digitally

Codiant delivers differentiated experiences to travel industries by providing robust web, mobility and software solutions that helps digital
travel companies automate personalization, streamline operations and drive conversions. Our years of industry experience help us to
dynamically respond to changes in the market or proactively out execute the competitors.

Travel, Hospitality And Leisure’ Technology
Solutions For All

Whether you’re a hotel and lodging company, a travel intermediary (online booking company or corporate travel
providers), or any other travel firm looking to capitalize on the healthy travel demand, we have got you covered. We
strive to do everything in software that could amp-up your business with full velocity.


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Our Key Solutions And Service Offerings

  • 01 Booking Management Systems
  • 02 Inventory & Procurement Management
  • 03 Payment Systems Integration
  • 04 Travel Process re-engineering
  • 05Navigation and GPS Systems
  • 06 Customer Relationship Management
  • 07 Trip Management Applications
  • 08Fleet Asset Tracking Solutions
  • 09Cloud Computing services
  • 10 Event and ticket management

Bringing Delivery Excellence

Great travel experiences are truly valuable and memorable. Customers today define a brand by a quality of their experiences across a
proliferation of touch-points, including smartphones, desktops, wearable apps, over the phone, and on property.

Brands which make an effort to infuse elements of on-demand, personalization, and authenticity into these channels are more likely to
fare much better than brands which do not.

Further, generating more revenue by driving loyalty, positive reviews, social likes and shares,
and word-of-mouth recommendations- says a Deloitte insight report on travel and hospitality.


Do You Still Aspire To Meet High Customer Expectations?

We enable technology to meet customer satisfaction and enrich their experiences by implementing digital
platforms that breeds Product and Service Innovation. We at Codiant are continually thriving to improve
operational efficiencies of travel, hospitality and leisure industry through creating environments that ensures
customers have a real smooth brand experience. You can count on us for:


Harness The Power Of IT Solutions To Develop, Manage
And Upgrade Travel Business Processes

Your Trusted Innovation Partner

Empowering and Serving All Sizes of Clients

Codiant’s network of development teams cater clients with comprehensive, integrated solutions across the entire software development chain through agile
deliveries. No matter if you are a small scale startup, SME, or a large scale enterprise we develop and deliver simplified solutions with new technologies and business model innovations.



Our solutions for startup innovators act as an accelerator to growth, capability building, and other strategic imperatives. View our custom startup solution offerings to stay ahead of the innovation.

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