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Starting a New Business is Like
Realizing a Dream

Felicitations! You’ve finally landed on the decision to kickstart a new company. Whether you call yourself a startup
or a small business, we get it and we salute your initiative. Not too long ago, we were there too, babbling about starting
a new company that supports startups with our technological solutions. And Codiant was born.

Our Startup Solutions are designed to help get your business off the ground. You just need to focus on what you love; our experts
will handle the rest- with the right hardware, the cost-efficient software, prompt development, perfect configuration, and cloud solutions .
Share your glee now, as with Codiant at the helm, your company is bound to prosper.

We Work In A Manner That We Know, How To Deal With

A business began on good footing; ad hoc services and void software bloats leave no grudges until the end. Codiant goes an extra mile to leverage latest techniques and strategies that are worked upon keeping in mind the news updates for legal considerations, the marketing trends especially for online businesses, the fickle changes in the mindset of human resource and everything that has some relationship with business.



Management of your budget and time constraints.



Justifying your belief in ideas and concepts.



Sorting out the outsourcing challenges and difficulties.



Building your roadmap for the


Our Approach

An aggressive business person would shell out everything at the beginning with the intention of giving the best but he forgets that this is a short-term approach. A sensible one would release the cards with patience after keeping the record of the client responses and then finally serve what is desired by the client and the reward comes when the client says actually this is something that I needed not wanted. Let us tell you, we often get such rewards.

Startup Boost Solutions

A startup has already an amount of risk associated with it. We remain with you to have the understanding and experience of Minimal Viable Product (MVP). MVP means creating a design, watch the response or take the pros and cons from the customers and consumers and then move on. This gives a clear picture of the tendency of the clients and helps us know our competitiveness.


Our Tailored Offerings For Startups Include

  • 01

    Define Design Goals And Web Identity

  • 02

    Establishing The Standard Metrics

  • 03

    Verification And Validation

  • 04

    Flexibility And Scalability In Operations

  • 05

    Comprehensive Maintenance And Support

  • 06

    Expansion And Internationalization Solutions

  • 07

    Boost Customer Service Efficiency

  • 08

    Rapid Development Of Minimum Viable Product (MVP)