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Hire the Best IT Staff at the Right Time with the Right Skills by leveraging our world-class IT Staff Augmentation Services.

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Upscale Your Project With Codiant’s Exclusive
IT Staff Augmentation Services

What factors count for a successful organization?

It runs on 2 things- the quality of its staff and the quality of its processes. This naturally translates; you need the right number of the right people on hand to get things done effectively. Employing the proper skill-set within a short span of time can either be a game-changer, or a “boat anchor” for the organization. In such cases, Staff augmentation is always a good model that allows a company to add and allocate a skilled staff to your team who matches the skill set you require, given that you need them for a just a few hours, a couple of months, or for the long term and for a specific purpose.

At Codiant, we help you by providing superlative IT staff augmentation services that can ramp up your business by implicitly meeting fickle industry demands without shouldering the extra costs and liability of additional full-time employees. We have proven experience in delivering talented, qualified, and reliable IT professionals at an unbeatable value.

Augment Your Team With Our IT Staff

Achieve Your Business Goals By Hiring Our IT Experts

  • web-development Web
  • application-developers Application
  • business-analysts Business
  • uiux-designers UI/UX
  • devops-engineers Devops
  • automation-engineers QA And Test Automation Engineers

Our IT Staff AugmentationServices


Short-Term Staff Augmentation

Fulfil your urgent business requirements, with our ready-to-go IT staff augmentation team. Hire skilled IT experts for a defined period of time to upgrade your project quality and business processes.


Long-Term Staff Augmentation

We provide a long-term commitment for organizations to save themselves from the hassle of hiring hard and soft-skilled team members. Your project manager can supervise the entire course and we’ll take care of the rest assigned tasks.


Vendor Transition

Codiant’s IT Staff Augmentation Services help you in smooth vendor transition by efficiently taking over the ongoing project. Our selected resources will ensure you get a streamlined development process with a quality end-product.


On-Demand Assistance

Hire technical experts based on your project’s one-time requirements or continuous support under our IT Staff Augmentation Services. Our highly competent team will lighten your workload and fasten the development process.

Technologies Our IT Staff
Is Equipped With

  • salesforce-stuff Salesforce
  • magento Magento
  • sap-stuff SAP
  • servicenow ServiceNow
  • power-BI Power BI
  • msdynamics365 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization
  • aws-s3 Amazon S3
  • aws-redshift Amazon Redshift
  • aws-dynamodb Amazon DynamoDB
  • aws-rds Amazon RDS
  • amazon-document Amazon Document DB
  • azure-data-lake Azure Data Lake
  • azure-blob-storage Azure Blob Storage
  • azure-cosmos Azure Cosmos DB
  • azure-sql Azure SQL Database
  • azuresynapseanalytics Azure Synapse Analytics
  • azure-kinect-dk Azure Kinect DK
  • azure-rtos Azure RTOS
  • google-cloud-database Google Cloud Database
  • google-cloud-sql Google Cloud SQL
  • sql-server-stuff Microsoft SQL Server
  • mysql-stuff My SQL
  • oracle-stuff Oracle
  • postgresql-stuff PostgreSQL
  • hive Hive
  • cassandra-stuff Cassandra
  • mongodb-stuff MongoDB
  • hadoop Hadoop
  • cicd CI/CD
  • jenkins Jenkins
  • golang-official Go
  • bamboo Bamboo
  • codeship Codeship
  • team-city Team City
  • travis-ci Travis CI
  • cloud-foundry Cloud Foundry
  • circle-ci Circle CI
  • cloud-build Cloud Build
  • drone-ci Drone CI
  • argo Argo
  • werf Werf
  • container-registry Container Registry
  • artifact-registry Artifact Registry
  • awsecr AWS ECR
  • azure-devops Azure DevOps
  • aws-stuff AWS
  • codebuild CodeBuild
  • codedeploy AWS CodeDeploy
  • codepipeline AWS CodePipeline
  • codecommit AWS CodeCommit
  • artifact AWS Artifact
  • selenium Selenium
  • appium Appium
  • protractor Protractor
  • fmbt FMBT
  • xctest XCTest
  • teststack-white Teststack White
  • load-runner Load Runner
  • postman Postman
  • apache-jmeter Apache JMeter
  • ranorex Ranorex
  • tsung Tsung
  • hpquick-test-professional Hp Quick Test Professional
  • unified-functional testing Unified Functional Testing
  • wordpress-stuff WordPress
  • drupal-stuff Drupal
  • powerbuilder PowerBuilder
  • delphi Delphi
  • vb VB
  • c++ C++
  • cobol COBOL
  • docker Docker
  • openVZ OpenVZ
  • kubernetes Kubernetes
  • apache-mesos Apache Mesos
  • openshift OpenShift
  • podman Podman
  • docker-swarm Docker Swarm
  • lxc LXC
  • container-registry Container Registry
  • artifact_registry Artifact Registry
  • microservices-based-architecture Microservices Based Architecture
  • headless Headless
  • pwa PWA
  • spa SPA
  • event-driven-architectures Event-Driven Architectures
  • serverless Serverless
  • cloud-native Cloud-Native
  • reactive-architecture Reactive Architecture
  • soa Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • 3-layer-architecture Traditional 3-Layer Architecture
  • github GitHub
  • gitlab GitLab
  • bitbucket Bitbucket

Advanced Technologies We Offer

  • internet-things Internet Of Things
  • virtual-reality Virtual Reality
  • augmented-reality Augmented Reality
  • blockchain Blockchain
  • machine-learning Machine Learning
  • artificial-intelligence Artificial Intelligence

Select Your Cooperation Model


Team Augmentation

  • Add developers’ on-demand.
  • Speed up productivity and fill skill gaps.
  • Ramp-up project within a week or two.
  • Improve efficiency with regular monitoring.

Dedicated Team

  • Take full control over the management of team.
  • Stabilize work with well-organized Project Managers.
  • Speed-up the development with Agile Methodology.
  • Experience frictionless team communication with top web tools.

Full Outsourcing

  • Incur 30-50% less development cost.
  • Get stability with highly qualified developers & managers.
  • Kick-off project instantly through our multi-industry expertise.
  • Take no hassles of tackling project complexity, quality, and deadlines.

At Codiant,

we extend our IT staff augmentation services support to clients to develop a robust and scalable project at a rapid pace and reduced cost. We follow a well-guided approach and transparent process to understand business objectives, coordinate project progress, and eliminate misconceptions. This is how you can kickstart with us.

Our Staff Augmentation Process

  • 01

    Define Your Project Scope & Requirements

    Help us to understand your staff requirement by defining crisp project scope and other details.

  • 02

    Select Developers Or A Team

    Screen out our well-trained experts that are suitable for your in-house team by interviewing them.

  • 03

    Manage Team & Assign Tasks

    PM assigns tasks, define management and communication tools to streamline the development process.

  • 04

    Get Project Delivery

    Monitor project’s success to maintain robust solution delivery within the assigned deadline.

We Offer Multiple Hiring Models


Fixed-Price Model

Our expert business analysts analyze the project requirement and the amount of work and time needed to deploy the solution while considering the team size. Based on all this analysis, we deduce the fixed budget for the specific time duration. Any extra work usually goes under an additional agreement, time, and payment.


Time and Material Model

Under this model, the regular payment is involved for a definite work completion i.e. short sprints to categorize and define the progress. The client gets a well-organized and qualified team, then the client is billed after the milestone delivery, based on the team size and time spent on development.


Milestone Model

The project development is categorized under multiple milestones and the client is billed over each milestone. After the successful deployment of each milestone, while maintaining the timeline, the client had to pay depending on the time spent and the given milestone achieved.

Good Reasons To Choose Us

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services can work as a beautiful amalgamation for your business capabilities and enhancing the IT team whenever required. With Codiant you get:

  • A well-versed and motivated team of IT professionals.
  • In-depth understanding of multiple domains.
  • Integrity and Transparency throughout the development process.
  • Flexible Project Management.
  • Remote development team to easily scale your project.


The reasons to adopt IT Staff Augmentation Services are solely based on relevancy. When you have skills deficiency or you lack an expert in-house team to complete the project, then it’s time to upscale your IT staff. You can hire staff to reduce cost and timeline and enhance project quality as well.

You can track progress by setting up regular meetings, following common tools to connect, and sharing details while keeping every individual in the loop. At Codiant, we set KPIs and ensure to have a SPOC to share project updates, carry out discussions, and resolve queries as well.

We hire our team members after a detailed and rigorous screening process. So, while choosing Codiant for Staff Augmentation Services, you can stay assured that you are getting associated with some of the top IT experts for your project development. We have resources with a diverse industry experience like Healthcare, eCommerce, On-demand Mobility, Real Estate, EduTech, Entertainment, Travel and Tourism, and others.

You can analyze your project demand with reference to tech resources, manpower, and expertise, then evaluate that is it sufficient and if you can build the project within a suitable time period. If not, it is time to adopt IT Staff Augmentation Services.

At Codiant, we offer cost-effective and top-quality services that enable our clients to get highly experienced tech experts on-demand. We specialize in Short-Term Staff Augmentation, Long-Term Staff Augmentation, On-demand Transition, and Vendor Assistance.