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Harness the Potential of our Advanced Digital Solutions to Flourish
in the Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas industry is no stranger to Big Data, technology, and digital innovation. With the increasing environmental concerns and
several other use cases that need revolution such as exploration of new energy resources, prediction of equipment failures, streamlining oil
distribution, etc. has left the Oil and Gas industry with no other option but to redefine them through digitalization.

Codiant combines the power of analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence to reduce costs, boost agility and streamline operational
efficiency, as well as benefit customers through increased savings.

Digital technologies have tremendous potential to accelerate Oil and Gas companies a notch above and play an important role in creating
cohesive values amidst the industry shifts. Codiant is your all-inclusive digital partner that can help you in maximizing value across the
supply chain, as well as fast-track innovation and provide operational transparency.

Our Solutions


Big Data Solution

Quickly process and analyze massive data generated from oil and natural gas upstream, midstream and downstream processes to unleash new insights that prevent equipment malfunctioning and improve operational efficiency. Our Big Data Solutions help you in:

  • Seismic trace identification
  • Oil production
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Safety and environment
  • Information security

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Optimize business processes and monitor your remote assets, equipment failures, gas leaks, and environmental conditions through our connected wireless IoT solutions. Our IoT solutions use cases like offshore oil and gas rig monitoring, refinery, pipeline, and wellhead monitoring lower nonproductive time (NPT), thereby helping you in increasing revenue. Our IoT Solutions include:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Asset monitoring
  • Data collection

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI tools and apps transform data into actionable insights that can be utilized into various stages of oil exploration and production including seismic insights, drilling, metro physics, reservoir management, and energy production. Our AI Solutions help you in:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Machinery inspection
  • Material movement
  • Production planning
  • Field services
  • Quality control and reclamation


Reduce costs, increase agility, and overcome your security concerns with our robust and reliable Cloud Solutions. Our deep industry expertise in implementing and managing robust cloud environments creates new business value by helping you build a complete security-rich solution.

  • Cloud-managed Services
  • Cloud security services
  • Cloud migration services
  • Enterprise app development


Ensure greater transparency and sustainability by building flexible Blockchain Solutions for your oil and gas business. Our strong expertise in Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications for processes like refining and exploration can help you build a sustainable business across the scale. Open the doors to new revenue streams through blockchain technology’s use cases in:

  • Tracking equipment history
  • Energy trading and risk management
  • Land management
  • Asset maintenance
  • Joint ventures and revenue accounting
  • Exchange of products

Segments We Serve



Redefine your business boundaries through digitalization with our strong expertise in the upstream category i.e. exploration and production. Our solutions can help you with optimization by providing new operational insights.



Midstream companies- for example, transportation, including pipelines and storage can gain significant benefits from getting build a data-enabled infrastructure that will further help in achieving higher network integrity and new commercial opportunities.



Downstream companies like petroleum product refiners and retailers can open new opportunities for revenue generation by expanding supply chain visibility and targeting digital consumers with new forms of connected marketing.

Your Trusted Innovation Partner

Empowering and Serving All Sizes of Clients

Codiant’s network of development teams cater clients with comprehensive, integrated solutions across the entire software development chain through agile
deliveries. No matter if you are a small scale startup, SME, or a large scale enterprise we develop and deliver simplified solutions with new technologies and business model innovations.



Our solutions for startup innovators act as an accelerator to growth, capability building, and other strategic imperatives. View our custom startup solution offerings to stay ahead of the innovation.

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Find the next vectors of growth to strengthen your operations with our end-to-end SME specific solution offerings and digital expertise. Our customized solutions are designed to help you move with speed and confidence.

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Innovate and scale flexibly with our integrated suite of software development offerings for large-scale enterprises. Our exhaustive services expands and covers all thing Web and Mobility. Discover here.

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