Manufacturing Industry

Making Companies Future-Ready with Our Digital Accelerators for Process and
Discrete Manufacturing Industry


Enabling Manufacturers Take a Quantum Leap in Efficiency,
Performance and Productivity

A smart manufacturing setup without a tighter integration of technologies and information makes a suboptimal scenario. Leveraging emerging technologies
and solutions coupled with a robust support ecosystem help in increasing operational efficiency, improve performance, and reduce equipment downtime.

Codiant’s technology solutions for process and discrete manufacturers opens up the opportunities for digital transformation. Empower companies to reinvent
their business models, meet current market dynamics and scale at speed and work faster across their existing systems, processes and structures; thereby,
leading them to meet current market dynamics and achieve profitable growth.

Our Manufacturing Service

Internet Of Things (Iot)

Real-Time Asset Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance of Assets, Connected Operational Intelligence, Worker Safety through Wearable.

Enterprise Mobility

Asset Management, Automated Warehousing, Container Management, Resource Monitoring and more.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM Implementation, Integration, Infrastructure Services, Support & Testing, Upgrade & Migration.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Integrated Supply Chain Planning and Efficiency, Design and Optimization, Sales and Network Planning.

Warehouse Management

SAP Warehouse Management, Inventory Management System, Manufacturing Resource Planning.

Transportation Management

Freight Accounting Tools, Multi-Enterprise Application, Visibility, Tracking and Performance Management, Fleet Integration and more.

Enterprise Asset Management

Hardware Warranty Management, Real-time Inventory Alerts, Analytics Powered By AI, SaaS Cloud-Based Deployment.

Sales And Marketing Management

Data Science - Customer Analytics, Market Insights, Marketing Data marts, Omni-channel Transformation.

Our Solutions


Customer Service Solution

Get build a collaborative network that enhances real-time visibility in customer work history, faster response time and time-to-resolution that ultimately helps businesses in building long-term customer relationships.


Field Procurement Mobile App

Improve supply chain procedure and team coordination, achieve workflow automation and streamline purchase order creation while having full control over pricing and quantity through our procurement mobile app solution.


Field Sales Mobile App

Empower your field agents with our highly productive field sales mobile app that provides you close insights through automating, planning, tracking and managing your field agents’ daily sales routine.


Field Service Mobile App

Improve your field technicians’ efficiency with our custom field service mobile app solution that enables real-time features like inventory tracking, automatic scheduling, creating service history, conflicts resolution and more.


Project Portfolio Management

Deliver efficient business results by Codiant’s project portfolio management software that enables manufacturers to optimize project portfolios, automate reporting, and balance capacity against demand.


Shop Floor Track Solutions

Codiant’s shop floor analytics solutions enable real-time visibility across operations, predict failures and powers decision making by making a deep analysis of quality, production, performance, availability, and maintenance.

Segments We Serve

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  • high-tech

    High Tech

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  • aerospace-and-defense

    Aerospace And

  • machinery


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    Food And Beverage

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    Paints And Coatings

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    Specialty Chemicals

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    Consumer Packaged

  • cannabis


  • cosmeceutical-and-personal-care

    Cosmeceutical And
    Personal Care

  • chemical-tire-and-process-industries

    Chemical, Tire, And
    Process Industries (CTP)

  • textiles


  • steel-and-aluminum-processing

    Steel And Aluminum

  • oil-natural-gas-and-salt

    Oil, Natural Gas,
    And Salt

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