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Fasten the pace of order fulfilment. Improve productivity. Reduce costs.


Engagement Models

Warehouse Management Solution

Streamline order management workflows, enable quick selection and shipment of goods or facilitate rapid order fulfillment while maintaining transparency into workflows through real-time updates.

On-Demand Logistics Mobile App Development

Get a holistic package of driver’s app, shipper’s app and admin dashboard developed on iOS and Android platform. Refer the below section for detailed features.

Asset Tracking And Management Solutions

Gain a greater visibility into your collection of assets by configuring a tracking and management solution that enables you to manage each instance with its barcode label or RFID tag.

Freight Management Software

Boost your company’s productivity; reduce data entries; and eliminate human errors with our freight management solution reinforced with superlative features including job bookings, consignment entry, freight tracking, vehicle maintenance and more.

Fleet Management Solutions

Improve your fleet and driver productivity by capturing drivers’ current location on the map, view logs submitted by drivers in real-time, gauge speed, fuel consumed and more through our scalable and customizable fleet management solutions.

Routing And Delivery Scheduling Systems

Get build easy-to-use optimization software that maximize your fleet utilization by helping you calculate optimized truck routes that will further help you to trim down the costs, reduce excess mileage and achieve higher efficiency in your transport operations.

On-Demand Logistics App Development Services

Customer App
Driver App
Admin App

Full Feature List

User Authentication

Users can easily sign-up, register and login via social media channels, email id.

Billings And Payments

Users can pay smoothly with whatever option they like- cards, cash or wallet.

Profile Creation

Users can create a profile, enter personal details like name, address, phone no.

Track Shipments

Users can track drivers’ current location on the map and easily track the shipments.

Book A Vehicle(S)

Users can select from a range of vehicle and make the bookings.

Contact Driver

Users can call driver to coordinate shipments pickup locations.

Schedule Bookings

Users can pre-book for a scheduled time and manage the bookings for set date and time.

Cancel Booking

Users can cancel the booking anytime in a single tap in case of plan change.

Fare Estimation

Users can get rough estimation on fares for their shipping destination.

Push Notifications

Users get notification alerts for arrival time, late arrival, coupons etc.

Driver Authentication

Drivers can quickly fill the details and request a signup.

Manage requests

Drivers can view and manage (accept/reject) the incoming requests for pickup and delivery of shipment or carriage.

Check shippers details

Driver can access the details of the exporter or shipper like name, address, phone no, drop-off address, invoice etc.

Check freight details

Drivers can reckon the costs of the weight of the goods, fuel, toll charges as per the distance covered.

Contact Shipper

Drivers can contact shippers via call for pick up address coordination.

GPS route tracking

Drivers can determine the best optimized route to reach destination with the help of GPS.


Driver can smoothly accept the payments whether it is COD or by card.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers can check insights on their accomplished trips, their performances and ratings.

Rate Customers

Drivers can also rate their rides and review customers and their behavior.

Help & support

Drivers can seek help in the app in case of any issue.

Secure login

Admin can securely login with the email id and password from any web browser.

Admin dashboard

An interactive dashboard to view summary, no. of active drivers, their LIVE location, shipments completed no. of customers.

Manage drivers

Admin can add new drivers, update driver details, and activate/deactivate drivers.

Manage shippers

Admin can view all registered customers, broadcast message and block customers.

Manage fleet & vehicles

Admin has the ability to add types of trucks and fleet information.

Manage dispatchers

Under this section, admin can view, add, delete and dispatcher’s information.

Billing and invoice

Admin can see payments each driver has earned and can manage the cash in/out.

Evaluate trip reports

An admin can further note the trip history of every driver and take next step.

Referral Rewards

Admin can add/edit promo codes and referral points for customer retention.

Reporting & Analytics

Admin can catalyze actions and can make informed decisions on basis of statistics.

Logistics And Transportation App Development Solutions For All

Whether you belong to a manufacturing industry or simply own a fleet for shipping, we help you bring automation and operational efficiency in your business. Our smarter, leaner and custom solutions for all business types ranging from small freight companies to multi-national carriers help logistics companies improve productivity, reduce costs.

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