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Cloud Computing. Mobility. Big Data They have breathed new advancements in the current business landscape. In a gust to harness that proclivity towards better competitive advantages, you need an IT consulting partner edged with well-defined strategies, deep domain expertise and innovative solutions.

Codiant expert IT consultants help you achieve this business process by defining, designing, and executing strategies and solutions that enable you improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and create new revenue streams.


IT Consulting Services We Offer

IT Assessments

Our proficient team evaluates the business processes and resources, which educates you to easily understand your IT environment. The detailed IT assessment enables clients to enhance their security, efficiency, compliance, and minimize the expense over IT infrastructure.

IT Strategy & Planning

We extend our support to businesses by understanding their IT strategies and planning and guiding them to invest in the right technology, which prepares the company to follow a futuristic approach and be ready in dealing with upcoming challenges.

Custom Web & Mobile Application Development

Businesses always aim to grow with time in the competitive market, and we ensure to deliver the same with our highly experienced tech team. The team caters to specific business demands with custom web and mobile app development by delivering the tailor-made solution.

Security Risk Assessments

Businesses are prone to security risks and threats as they heavily rely on technologies. To deal with such issues, we assess and identify the level of risk and suggest preventive measures to deal with futuristic threats and vulnerabilities.

Cloud & Data Migration Services

To enhance data security and save it from disaster, businesses adopt transferring data to the cloud from on-premises, but it’s not as easy, as it seems. Our IT Consulting Services help clients to choose the right data migration strategy and analyze other pros and cons related to respective cloud services.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Our team aims to study the businesses and their processes with the objective to improve business efficiency. We design a detailed plan while setting the priority, and guiding the digital transformation leads.


Codiant Is Your Best IT
Consulting Service Provider

After discerning your business vision and goals, IT environment, skill requirements, and policies we introduce short-term and long-term strategies based on best practices and offer business advisory, IT consulting, and risk and compliance services in a full swing. Our expertise span in the following verticals:

  • Custom Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Software Development Outsourcing
  • Expertise in Complex Technologies, Tools, and Processes
  • Decision Facilitators for IT Investments and for Offshore Software Development on Project-based Engagement

Our IT Consulting Services Process

For more than a decade, Codiant is serving in the IT industry and fulfilling the demands and structure of different sizes of organizations. Since then, our IT experts are modernizing their tech strategies. All these hustles pushed us to draw up an effective approach in IT Consulting Services and introduce the most feasible solution in the shortest deadline.

01 Analyze

Our IT analysts inspect the business processes, identify the problem, and propose the most suitable solution by following the workflow and making the automation easier for employees to use it.

02 Strategies

The analysts prepare the roadmap for app/web development and create marketing strategies that supports business to leverage the latest technologies to automate and ease the business processes.

03 Perform

To maintain the product quality, our IT experts closely analyze the workflow and track the project working. Based on that, they find and resolve the issues that might hamper the projects working or quality.

04 Improve

After the completion of the initial set goal, such as MVP- the IT analysts and developers suggest further improvement steps and support implementation.

Business Value

  • IT enabled the achievement of strategic business objectives
  • Speedier time to penetrate the market
  • Improvements in cost and energy efficiency
  • Increased productivity

Client Challenges

  • The different paths of IT solutions and business initiatives.
  • Difficulty in bringing changes according to changing global demands.
  • The risk of devising new techniques.

The Latest Technologies Added In Our IT Consulting Services


Businesses leverage blockchain technology to maintain security and transparency while automating operations. The technology extends its support to multiple industries such as Finance, Supply Chain Management, Clinical Trial Tracking, NFT Trading, Cryptocurrency Mining, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-based models are used for making safe decisions inspired by data analysis. Industries that gain support from AI are Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Robotic Process Automation, Predictive Analysis, Context-based Personalization, and many more.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning algorithms are used on a set of data to deduce results and help in decision-making. ML is effective with Natural Language Processing, Data-based forecasting, Predictive Maintenance, Operations Optimization, Root-cause Analysis, etc.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT provides secure data monitoring and operations and optimizes them to infuse high efficiency. IoT works smoothly with Remote Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Environmental Monitoring, Machinery Maintenance, Smart Factories, and many others.

Data Science

Data Science support businesses in data gathering, studying it and gaining business insights. For the advanced solutions collaboration with data science yields Facial Recognition, Ecommerce Personalization, Operational Intelligence, and others.

Cloud Computing

The cloud platforms like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure build a scalable, flexible, and relational business environment. Cloud computing optimizes the cost of IT infrastructure maintenance and boosts scalability and data security.


Cybersecurity promotes application and network security by making it immune from any outside and inside cyber threats. Our security experts follow a robust monitoring structure to secure the platform from any kind of security breach.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Use AR/VR technology for varied industries of business automation along with marketing, training, education, entertainment goals, and others.


Align Your IT Resources &
Business Goals With Codiant’s IT Consulting Services


In this highly competitive world, while entering into the market it becomes essential to consider all the aspects and choose the expert hands to make the entry and gain expertise as well. So, to make all these struggles go down with ease, hiring an IT Consulting Services for businesses will become an intelligent call. At Codiant, we can strategize and plan all the marketing and development aspects precisely while considering your business requirements and support you in launching a competitive yet top-quality product.
We offer varied services to cater to a wider market client and provide the most appropriate solutions for our clients to mark their entry into the competitive world. Our services include Custom Web & Mobile Application Development, Cloud and Data Migration, Digital Transformation Consulting, Security Risk Assessment, IT Strategy & Planning, and IT Assessment.
Codiant work in intimate collaboration with our clients to identify the issues and future endeavors which helps to define and achieve the business goals. We follow a well-researched data-based strategic planning to examine technologies and suggest the best solutions for our clients. We define a guided roadmap for the business, define investment, and follow the guided approach to implement the steps and yield results.
At Codiant, we follow industry-specific norms and standard frameworks and we adhere best practices to deliver required services that deal with our client's demands.