Strategic Partnerships for Measurable Outcomes

IT Business Partnering

Globalizing Business, Reducing Costs, Increasing Profits

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A Win-Win Collaboration To Open The
Floodgates Of Profits

Great things can happen, when two industry giants team together with their mutual interests in mind. Performance can be dramatically
increased by the efficient management of supply chain, higher customer satisfaction, and maximum shareholder value. The aggressive
advancements in IT industry have spurred the strategic partnerships and made a greater differentiation in gaining more control over the IT
they use.

At Codiant, we are the leading edge of this change. Recognizing the limitations of the conventional business approach we push the
boundaries of generally accepted business and IT roles. We are building a better way to form alliances with new IT strategic partners and are
looking forward to help our partners capture greatest opportunities and seize essential advantage coming on the way. Let’s integrate our
smarter processes and build a foundation of strong operational and profit base. Codiant cordially invites global and regional companies for a
symbiotic partnership.

Why Partnering?

  • low-cost

    Low Cost


    Low Cost

    There will be one more industry giant to team up with you and to share the cost which may increase due to competition and due to the establishment of operations abroad.

  • trained-hr

    Trained HR


    Trained HR

    You do not need to go through the hustle and bustle of hiring and training the human resources in the foreign country; you only need to check whether the philosophies of the management match.

  • strong-operations

    Strong Operations


    Strong Operations

    The operational base is sure to become stronger with most of the things already in place.

  • improved-supply-chain

    Improved Supply Chain


    Improved Supply Chain

    Supply chain performance would see a major elevation with strategic partnerships.

  • more-profits

    More Profits


    More Profits

    Last but not the least; we can multiply more profits if we are successfully getting the above-mentioned benefits.

Codiant As An IT Business Partner: Why It Matters?

Perform better at a number of dimensions; as benefits are striking when partnering with Codiant. By doing an active collaboration with us, you not only get a technological advantage, but you get an assortment of benefits on both the business side as well as IT functions that help you shape your overall business strategy, improve your IT performance and business capabilities while achieving a far-reaching business impact. On a technical aspect, partnerships with Codiant have brought dramatic changes to ally companies’ innovation, culture, and performance management. A few of our significant checkpoints where we have raised the bar are :

  • Created a healthy IT performance on multiple dimensions
  • Proffered inquiries and potential global leads in high volume
  • Worked with business leaders to develop new capabilities
  • Delivered new projects or enhancements on time and within budget
  • Engaged with business developers to bring new ideas and large scale projects
  • Measured IT business performance on multiple dimensions
  • Provided managers with information to support planning and better decision making
  • Implemented bottom-up innovation ideas fueled by our strong vision, knowledge & experience.

Our Work Domains For Global IT
Partnership Program

Count on us for the continued availability, new software implementation, major software upgrades, data migration, re-engineering and enhancements of existing system processes, and all other technical developments armed by our deep business understanding and technological excellence in the following areas:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Internet of Things
  • Customized Web Development
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Ecommerce App Development
  • Digital Solutions
  • Enterprise DevOps
  • Cloud Services
  • Strategic UX Development
  • Digital Marketing

Codiant Partnership Advantage


Technical Infrastructure

We are recognized for unrivaled mobile application and web development services. We can help you expand your portfolio by offering your clients additional services and products which we excel and handle efficiently.


Trained And Dedicated Developers

Hire our whole team of highly skilled experts including project managers, strategists, developers, designers, and creators who will be available to you to work dedicatedly and focused on your projects.


Level Of Technical Skill And Experience

The training programs and feedback sessions have taken place consistently in the history of Codiant. Partnering with us will help you concentrate on growth-related tasks and skill development to give better results in less time.