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Rethink The World Of Smartness With
Internet Of Things

What if your fridge could tell you that the carton resting in it has passed its use-by date, texting you if its internal cameras saw their expiry
date? What if it’s a sunny day and your home heating appliances let you turn down the temperature remotely when there’s no-one home?
The self-driving car, automated car parking, the smart cities are already on the roll. These all clever functions are possible by internet of things solutions
and its meter of smartness is endless.

According to the latest research IoT is a multi-billion pound industry set for 10 percent compound growth rates every year until 2020. And by
2020, it’s claimed that up to 100 billion devices will be connected to private networks or to the internet. As technology’s glare increases, IoT
is imperative! It has the potential of tapping almost every industry. What’s your? Let’s open up to the possibilities!

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Our Excellence In It

Our Area Of Expertise

Designing And Developing Software
On Gateways

  • Interface to connect to the devices through GPIO/Serial/USB/Other ports
  • Using MQTT protocol to communicate with the devices
  • Software on Gateways like Reliagate 50-21, RaspberryPI and BeagleBone
  • Communicate with devices with M2M capability

Designing And Developing

  • REST APIs to manage the data in the cloud
  • Web applications using multiple technologies
  • Native and Hybrid mobile apps for Android and iPhones

What Makes Us Different?


End-to-End Solutions

Codiant provides end to end solutions to build your IoT and create business value with intelligent function management.


Unmatched Flexibility

Codiant develops software that enables customers to quickly connect any device, to the cloud and applications and extract meaningful decisions from the data.


Trusted Experts

We have an evangelist team of IoT experts who have acquired the incredible knack to develop the needs of today’s market that can continue to deliver value over the lifetime of a connected product.