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Digital Transformation in Healthcare & Life Sciences to Create New Value Across Supply Chain

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The Digital Convergence Of
Healthcare And Life Sciences

Businesses, organizations and stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem- from healthcare organizations to biopharma companies, pharma startup and tech giants are all shifting from doing digital to being digital. Yet, there are Healthcare and Life sciences companies facing challenges in advancing digital capabilities seamlessly.

Codiant is simplifying the way companies harness the advantage of emerging digital technologies- such as Cloud, Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, PLM, and cognitive intelligence. Our digital services and capabilities are helping life sciences organizations reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency and improve product development and manufacturing processes.

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Our Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Telemedicine Applications

    Codiant offers patient-centered telemedicine software development solutions to facilitate remote visits with patients through our expertise in cloud-based video conferencing solutions, virtual office platform development, mHealth apps, EHR, EMR, online appointment scheduling, HIPAA compliant mhealth web and app solutions.

  • Clinical Trial Development

    Accelerate clinical development processes, speed market delivery, boost business outcomes, and promote efficiency through our wide range of clinical trial development solutions. We add value and efficiency to your clinical trials by the power of digital automation. Leverage our latest digital technologies across the entire clinical development lifecycle

  • Discovery and Preclinical

    Improve and accelerate drug discovery and development, cut R&D costs, and decrease failure rates in drug trials by Codiant’s expertise in the discovery and preclinical services. Our lab automation and business analytics solutions help life sciences organizations accelerate Pharma research while Bioinformatics app development and Chemoinformatics app development are another valuable addition.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Our healthcare app development services are fully compliant with HIPAA, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, and other standards. Our regulatory application development services leverage the power of advanced digital technologies like mobility, cloud, and big data analytics for optimized business performance, increased agility and scalability.

  • Supply Chain Visibility

    Increase end-to-end visibility in pharmaceutical supply chains, minimize costs and boost performance through our latest digital technologies. Our connected technology helps you meet global regulations, discover critical data, deliver real-time insight, ensure quality control and enhance traceability.

  • Sales and Marketing

    Our team of life sciences marketers helps you in increasing sales and marketing operational efficiency with our digital technologies solution that include product lifecycle management, segmentation and positioning services and cloud-based services integrated with social media networks so that you can respond faster to customer needs.

Business Segments

Bio tech

Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Bio tech

Medical Devices

Bio tech

Contract Research Organization



Big Data & Analytics

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Orchestration
  • HANA Data Platforms
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention
  • Research & development

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Product Data Centralization
  • Product Quality & Risk Management
  • Clinical Trials
  • Packaging & Collateral Management
  • Marketing Collateral Development

Internet Of Things

  • Mobile Healthcare Apps
  • Wearable App Development
  • Health Monitoring Systems & Tools
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Multi-Stage Clinical Trials And Monitoring

Enterprise Application Integration

  • Business Case Development
  • Assessment And Strategy Formulation
  • Product Evaluation
  • Architecture Standardization
  • Implementation Of Top-Of-The-Line EAI Solutions


  • Data Security
  • Achieve Data Accessibility From Anywhere
  • Flexible And Scalable Storage Option
  • On-Demand Elasticity & Scalability
  • Eliminate The Upfront Hardware Costs

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