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Drive Meaningful Shopping Experiences

The typical customer buying journey and online shopping behavior are no longer linear- today’s customers compare websites, products; search for promo
codes, offers; and look out for reviews before returning to your website and making a purchase.

Capturing and analyzing all these customer interactions is no more a challenging task- thanks to the nextgen analytics tool. The business intelligence
analytics in eCommerce is helping retailers understand user persona-- their past purchases, product clicked, product viewed, how long they have opened
a web page, etc.—and help them deliver personalized recommendations based on their interaction with the brand.

Give your team the rich customer data to improve the user experience, enhance core sales performance and create
impactful shopping experiences.

Increase Revenues

Increase Revenues From Cross-Sell And Up-Sell Campaigns

BI’s predictive intelligence help retailers improve the business bottom line by delivering personalized product recommendations.

Drop Prices

Decide When To Sell Or Develop New Products

BI’s data-driven product research help eCommerce businesses capture product trends, demands and consumer preferences.


Know When To Surge And Drop Prices

Big data analytics record customer purchasing interactions, individual customers’ tolerance and help retailers create pricing strategies.

Unlock Real Opportunities in Retail and eCommerce With Big Data Intelligence

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E-Commerce & M-Commerce

E-Commerce & M-Commerce Set-Up

We provide full-fledged eCommerce development and mCommerce app development services.

ERP/CRM Integration

ERP/CRM Integration

We provide you fastest, flexible and future-proof solutions to your CRM/ERP integration needs.

Visitors And Customer

Visitors And Customer Journey Mapping

Know your areas of improvement by mapping customer behavior, how visitors interact with your website, their pain and pleasure points, etc.

Conversion Funnel

Conversion Funnel Analysis

We find and improve your non-converting spots which need improvement like (homepage, view product, add to cart, etc.)

Front-End Development

Front-End Development

We build custom, robust and engaging experiences through our front-end development services.

E-Commerce Management

E-Commerce Management

From importing new products to creating ads, from programming new features to social media marketing, we cover it all.

Chatbot Development

Chatbot Development & Management

We configure and manage live chat, AI-based chat with human-like conversational abilities for quick customer interactions.

Ecommerce Results

Ecommerce Results Reporting

We provide you real-time reports of the store, orders, customers, purchase funnel, abandoned cart, and in-store search report.

Custom BI Analytics

Custom BI Analytics Dashboard

Check real-time view of your store, key performance metrics, know channels generating revenue, build custom reports, etc.

Customer Email Data

Customer Email Data Enrichment And Analysis

By the use of analytics, we collect and aggregate customer knowledge to send them emails of their preferred topics & brands of interest.


Marketing Attribution Analysis

We evaluate customer’s marketing behavior and determine the touchpoints that lay the greatest impact on their decision to convert or take the next step.

E-Commerce Strategy

E-Commerce Strategy Consulting

Our team of eCommerce consultants helps you create strategic, customer-focused digital retail solutions that deliver impactful results.


Do You Face These Challenges in Your eCommerce and Retail Operations?

  • How should I decide upon when new products to sell or develop?
  • How do big brands dynamically price their products to drive profits?
  • How do I sell a different service of mine to my customer or prospect?
  • What is the reason my customers are abandoning the cart?
  • How to generate targeted traffic to my online store?
  • How do I capture quality leads and drive traffic to my online store?
  • Why do the website visitors bounce back without any purchase?
  • How do I plan my digital strategy?
  • How do I compete on pricing and shipping?
  • How do I improve customer satisfaction and retention?

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