Digital Accelerators for Consumer Goods

Helping Consumer Goods Industry Digitally Transform Their Processes
and Business Models


Embracing A New Age Transformation

Digital technologies are profoundly reshaping both consumer demand and competitive dynamics in the consumer goods marketplace. New consumer goods
companies entering the market have started addressing the exact pain points of the niche market segments by using new business models and advanced
analytics, according to the analytics experts.

As leaders of a digital IT service Provider Company, Codiant is consistently helping CG providers unearth new business opportunities, deliver trusted services
with a positive experience and find ways to transform the products, processes and business models through our expertise in latest digital solutions and
technologies like Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud.

Our Solution


Manufacturing and Product Development

Improve forecast accuracy to prevent overproduction and oversupply, maximize service levels, oversee budgeting, planning and auditing, optimize manufacturing workflow, maintain product quality and tracking systems, and more with our all-inclusive CG software solutions designed to optimize manufacturing and development work process.


Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Transform and streamline crucial SCM processes like procurement, inventory control, logistics management, demand planning and forecasting, and analytics through Codiant’s end-to-end software solutions for SCM optimization tightly interwoven with your business objectives to help you maximize efficiency and reduce costs.


Inventory Management

Adopt our inventory management software for a more effective, centralized administration of all your inventory points. Our software provides core functions such as multi-location inventory tracking, low inventory alerts, automated replenishment tools, barcoding, digital FIFO, real-time reporting, and inventory optimization and performance analysis.


Warehousing and Distribution

Enhance visibility and transparency across all your business touchpoints through our pool of transparent solutions and frameworks designed with features like demand prediction, inventory control, material requirements planning (MRP), job shop floor control, management of work orders, raw materials automated ordering, reporting and more.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Nurture customer relationships by organizing customer information while also streamlining processes through Codiant’s advanced CRM solution offering top of a line features like sales force automation, marketing automation, and field service automation. Our CRM system also assists businesses with tracking sales and service, marketing and analytics.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Reduce product development and operation cost, gain enterprise-wide visibility by our PLM software tool that integrates enterprise-wide applications with people and processes across all business touchpoints and product lifecycle that enables faster time to profit. It also helps enterprises collaborate on design, engineering production, and maintenance processes across the entire value chain.

Our Consumer Goods Service Capabilities


Application Services

Back your company digitally with Codiant’s expertise in Application development services. From app conceptualization and designing to development and testing, we are your end-to-end development partner.

IT Infrastructure Services

Reduce total cost of operations (TCO), accelerate business outcomes and modernize processes by our agile IT infrastructure services. Our strong industry partnerships help organizations harness their benefits and run seamlessly at a breakneck speed.

Mobility Solutions

Codiant Enterprise Mobility Solutions and services are designed for large-scale businesses and enterprises, with deep functional fit built-in that accurately aligns with your unique business processes.  We have a skilled team of certified developers who hone years of experience in developing native, hybrid and cross-platform apps.

Cloud Solutions

Create closer connections across the entire value chain, make smarter decisions and grow your business unprecedentedly with the power of Salesforce for consumer goods. Codiant’s cloud solutions helps organizations drive greater efficiency while boosting revenue and profitability.

Segments We Serve


Accessories, Apparel & Footwear

Every season, customers and suppliers can be difficult to predict; they shift their focus and market needs change. Our solutions for apparel and footwear companies allow enterprises to access and use information more effectively so they can make smart business decisions, improve sourcing strategies, handle labels, manage all invoices, set up deliveries, optimize pricing and eventually enhance bottom lines.


Food & Beverage

There is a dire need for the global food and beverage industry to react faster to changing consumers’ tastes and emerging marketing trends. In response to changing consumer and market dynamics, it’s imperative for enterprises to harness a cutting-edge sales force management solution, product development unit and a resilient supply chain with a strategic marketing team to create new business capabilities. Our industry-leading solutions cover all the core operations necessary to run your business successfully.


Home & Personal Care

To remain competitive, home and personal care companies have to stay abreast of new trends and boost their innovation processes. At Codiant, we provide a comprehensive suite of the solution including product lifecycle management, business intelligence, inventory optimi-zation, a digital marketing that help cosmetics and personal care companies to improve time to market and traceability, increase profitability, and faster market penetration.


Consumer Electronics

Delivering innovative products to market faster at reasonable prices and sustainable performance is challenging in today’s global marketplace. To balance these conflicting challenges, Codiant helps the consumer electronics segment address the demands of supply chain complexity, product sustainability, changing customer needs, increasing costs, and productivity through our simplified digital CG solutions that helps companies manage the product cycle right from product design to warranty management.



Behind an effective distribution, there is always a base of resilient supply chain derived from deeper consumer insights, BI and analytics. Codiant’s industry-leading solutions for distribution management are designed to enrich predictive analytics, transform customer insights into actionable intelligence, streamline the supply chain, improve customer engagement, and optimize performances with faster time to market.

Our Partners

To expand our portfolio offerings, meet complex IT challenges and deliver our customers a holistic set of
solutions, we form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-leading companies.

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