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Cloud Computing Services

Supporting Enterprise Agility Through Flexible, Scalable And Cost-Effective Cloud Services


Enabling New Capabilities Through Cloud Solutions

Bring networking, security, management and analytics across your multi-cloud environment and on-premise infrastructure to enable velocity and cost efficiency, to simplify and streamline, to secure and optimize the way you work. Codiant is your technology partner that helps enterprises and organizations across diverse verticals and geographical locations to solve their cloud computing challenges.


Our Cloud Offerings

Cloud Implementation Strategy

From cloud advisory and cloud build to cloud migration and cloud management, we are your end-to-end partner. We help enterprises by assisting them with the right cloud approach, cloud type, cloud security and management.

Cloud Application Services

Codiant’s Cloud Application services help enterprises and businesses migrate, manage and monitor applications/solutions on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms and are designed to drive flexibility and efficiency.

Cloud Management Services

Our cloud management services include forecast and trends reporting, disaster recovery test reports, improvement plans, automation and DevOps, & risk reports that help you to protect your cloud assets against any downtimes.

DevOps As A Service

Enhance performance, improve efficiency, increase ROI and reduce failure and errors, through our expertise in DevOps engineering skills. Our services and tools are designed to deliver applications at high velocity.

Cloud Migration Services

Ensure a faster, cost-effective and successful transition to cloud without impacting your business. We are a trusted cloud migration and modernization partner with the leading public cloud providers- AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platform.

Cloud Infrastructure & Implementation Services

Build a customized cloud that aligns to your business requirements with our cloud infrastructure and implementation services that includes private cloud build-out, cloud infrastructure and application deployment and Cloud data center design, sizing and build.


Use Cases

Why Choose
Cloud For Your



Cloud solutions providers charge a small monthly fee for access. In exchange for this fee, you can set up accounts until you reach the maximum, managing password resets and account removals and additions using an administrative portal. All without installing software.

Disaster Recovery

Effective cloud disaster recovery provides continuity for services if there is a hardware or software failure of IT systems. One of the added benefits of disaster recovery with cloud computing is the ability to finely tune the costs and performance for the DR platform.

Reliability And Security

Cloud software promises a high level of security, including data encryption and strong password requirements. Also, cloud computing plays an important role in HIPAA compliance, by ensuring that health data remains safe.

Improved Customer Experience

Cloud computing offers the tools and services that provide On-demand access to products and services, integrated & comprehensive services, complete customer control, and personalized and customized experiences that boost company's growth.

Faster Time To Market

The cloud delivers quicker time to market and reduces business complexity by providing agility and speed, following which businesses can gain profitability.

Scalability And Flexibility

Cloud offers you the required scalability and flexibility required to handle the growth of your business. With Cloud, you can add new features on a regular basis.

Our Cloud Expertise


Amazon Consulting services

Codiant is your end-to-end Amazon web services developer that assists you to deploy a scalable application using EC2, Micro services using lambda, data storage application using the S3 bucket and helps you leverage the entire AWS suite of cloud services.


Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Codiant offers a whole suite of Azure Consulting Services to integrate cloud-based solutions & services. Our expert team helps you build enterprise-grade Azure solutions for your business by leveraging Azure iOT and Data Analytics, Azure PaaS development, Azure Adoption and Migration.


Google Cloud Services

Codiant is an agile cloud system integrator which offers a complete suite of cloud computing services. Our certified specialists help you to set up your instance in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and make your application market-ready.