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Boost Your Business Bottom Line With Our PWA Powered Design And Development Services

Accelerate your development process, improve user acquisition and increase conversion rates with our complete suite of Progressive web app development services. Codiant offers a secured, easy-to-use and fast loading progressive web apps for your business.


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The Hallmarks Of Choosing
Progressive Web Apps

Extracting The Best Interplay Of Native Apps And Web

The Progressive Web Apps are created by an exciting interplay of Native Apps and Web that means it combines the features and benefits offered by both platforms that significantly help in increasing the conversion rates.


Incredibly Fast

Increase your app performance and please your customers through short page loading time regardless of the network state.



Build once, run anywhere. Save on development cost as responsive apps can fit in any device like a desktop, mobile, tablet, or devices yet to emerge.


Like Native Apps

Give your users a like-native app feel with Progressive Web Apps smooth navigations and app-style interactions.


Functions Offline

Allow your users to browse offline, or even on networks with low quality with a top-level, full-screen experience on mobile devices.


Indexed by Google

Keep your app up-to-date automatically as Progressive Web Apps are easily discoverable by search engines and linkable.


Highly Engaging

Boost user engagement by sending push-notifications and win customer loyalty through value-added products..


No Installation Required

No longer download times! Unlike other mobile apps, PWA’s are installable on the home screen of the device without the interference of Google Play or App Store.


Reliable & Secured

Progressive Web Apps are served via HTTPS, which ensures that without authentication cannot be tampered by anyone.

Creating Results For Brands. Across The Globe And Industries.

After launching a PWA, many brands that saw a sudden spike in user engagement, conversion rates, page load time, and user
acquisition rates. The stats will leave you awestruck.

  • Load Times Cut From 11.91 Seconds To 4.69 Seconds.
  • Load Times Cut From 11.91 Seconds To 4.69 Seconds.
  • 4X Increase In Conversion Rate Every Year.
  • 3X Increase In Conversion Rate For Repeat Users.
  • Median Interactive Time Dropped To 1.5S.
  • 50% New User Acquisition.
  • 60% Uninstalled Native App To Save Space.
  • 60% Increase In Core Engagements
  • 44% Increase In User-Generated Ad Revenue
  • 40% Increase In Time Spent On Site
  • Faster Even On 2G Network
  • Takes Less Than 3S To Load On 2G
  • Only 50K Zipped App
  • 250% More Re-Engagement
  • 146% Higher CTR On Ads
  • 80% Lower Bounce Rates
  • Takes 2.5S To Load Compared To 6.4S On Website
  • 20% Increase In Impression Per Visit
  • 2X Increase In User Session Length
  • Less Than 3S To Load
  • 80% Increase In Conversion Rates
  • Only 50K Zipped App
  • 65% Increase In Pages Per Session
  • 75% Increase In Tweets
  • 20% Lower Bounce Rates

Our Service Expertise


App Shell

The app shell is a UI that runs your app swiftly, instantly loads up the speed, and enables real-time updates.


Service workers

A service worker is a script that your browser runs in the background. It is the reason your app creates background syncs, get rich offline experiences, and sends push notifications.


The Web App Manifest

The web app manifest is a simple JSON file that tells the browser about your web application and how it should behave when 'installed' on the user's mobile device or desktop.


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Built On Top Of Tools You Already Use

  • angular_js Angular JS
  • react-js React JS
  • Polymer Polymer
  • preact Preact
  • laravel Laravel
  • vue-js Vue-js
  • webpack Webpack
  • lighthouse Lighthouse
  • workbox Workbox

How eCommerce Merchants Can Benefit
From PWA Adoption?

Supercharge your eCommerce website with PWA. PWA is a perfect solution for eCommerce as it guarantees a clean and unified customer experience across all sorts of devices.

  • Offers a quicker release time
  • Decreases the business-customer gap
  • Saves you from third-party app store subscriptions
  • Enhances your visibility
  • Improves on-site product discovery
  • Supports push messages
  • Improve user acquisition & engagement
  • Increase conversion rates and boost your sales
  • Accelerate your development process
  • Win the Google rankings