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NodeJS Development Services

NodeJs an event-driven architecture capable of asynchronous I/O aims to optimize throughput and scalability in Web Applications with many input/output operations, as well as for real-time Web applications. Node JS development modules use an API, designed to reduce the complexity of writing server applications whose common frameworks include Connect, Express.js, Socket.IO, Koa.js, Hapi.js, Sails, Meteor, Derby. It is the perfect GoTo technology that easily builds realtime-time communication and data streaming applications with high confidence.

The stretching performance and efficiency of Node JS have sparked Codiant’s kinetic energy to expand our ride using this reliable development and solution services of Node js. Codiant specializes in most concise and intricate creation and development of Node JS applications, Migration of existing legacy systems to Node JS, Refactoring and maintenance of existing Node.js solutions, Plug-ins development, Web/Mobile Application, UI/UX development and counting more.

Experience Real-time Solutions With NodeJs

Technology is at its core and Node.js is a stripped down, a highly customizable server engine—a proto- server, until you set it up-- because out of the box it doesn’t do anything. Since it has become wildly popular with codes everywhere, Codiant’s seasoned team gets tuned to create and build robust and dynamic Node JS APIs and a new matrix of interoperability across the Internet. Pick this technology at your own interest, the selection is subjective and Codiant is interactive. Come let’s get the conversation rolling.


NodeJs Resource

Node JS is maturing quickly and so are we! If you are building your next generation website especially APIs for mobile and Web integration or if you are looking to create something new that depends on underlying services itself, Node JS is deep enough to handle modern Web complexities. It is dynamic, extremely robust. And it has a broad footprint in handling dynamic and large database related applications. Here are four vital things Node JS technology packages up in a single solution and you need to know about it.


Fast and Scalable

Node JS uses the V8 javascript engine open sourced by Google and works on an event loop principle which makes it extremely fast and scalable.



The Presence of WebSockets makes NodeJS sublime in real time applications like Games, Chat Engines, etc.


Websites and Tools

Node JS has set of robust tools to help bring an application to full production readiness and performance.


Application Areas

The internet of things, ecommerce-development, Payment Processing, Social Media, Realtime Services, Media, and Enterprise Web Service all covered.

Why Choose Codiant?

Client Feedbacks


I have done a software project with Codiant Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd which was a difficult challenge for both of us because of the language differences and the wide scope of work (web, IOS and Android). However, they have delivered the project as per my expectation and maybe better. I will keep working with them in other project, and I recommended them as one of the best offshore tech companies.


Basim Albeladi

CEO, Labayh

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Codiant team did a great job on helping us build our presence on iOS, Android and Web. The Codiant team is skilled and dedicated to delivering a product that exceeds requirements.


Michael Patchen

Founder, PadTime

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Great company and great people. Worked through difficult requirements. Once they understand, they deliver.


Cliff Holsenbeck

Founder, Fantopias

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Codiant is one of most professionally run organization I have come across with. A great team who is always eager to go beyond their limits to help their customers. HIGHLY recommended !


Khalil Alsaadawi

Founder, Fasla


A great team of developers and thinkers. They were able to provide the requisite experience needed to turn a great idea into an executed product. I was marveled at the level of commitment they projected towards ensuring an utmost satisfaction in their service delivery. I will definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for a dedicated, committed and richly experienced team.



Founder, Fourwalls