Instant Messaging App Development

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Connect And Collaborate In Groups

Teams that collaborate should try to make the most out of the conversation. That’s why to make the collaboration
extremely valuable we set up features that tighten up the connections making it more open, connected, and engaged.

  • social-integration

    Social Integration


    Social Integration

    Sign into the app through your social media accounts easily.

  • broadcast-messages

    Broadcast Messages


    Broadcast Messages

    Create a broadcast list and send messages (one way) to all featuring it as a personal message.

  • sync-and-store

    Sync And Store


    Sync And Store

    Cloud synchronization in it allows you to retrieve the chat through any device.

  • group-chat

    Group Chat


    Group Chat

    Create chat groups and do real-time communication with countless people at any time.

  • screen-sharing

    Screen Sharing


    Screen Sharing

    Take a screenshot and share your real-time screen to contacts.


Reflect Your Brand’s Special Flavour With your Exclusive IM App

Does your enterprise/brand reflect a certain signature of its products? Do you own a confidential and independent enterprise chat platform where your team stay connected with each other without any third-party interruptions? Or are you a startupreneur looking forward to bite off a share from apps like WhatsApp, Messenger or WeChat.

Codiant’s highly scalable and customizable real-time chat app development platform powered by Ejabberd, Erlang, MySQL, Amazon Web S3, and more has all the reasons to help you win the age of millennial, business magnates and professionals.

Some Conversations Define Success In The Future

Experience Reinforced Chats

Because security and privacy lays the foundation for any conversation. It’s important for success of any business unit
to make the collaboration secured by features like end-to-end encryption, authentication, and verification.

Secured Messages

End to end encryption of chats so that you cansafely exchange messages.

Disappearing Messages

Auto-Deletion of message after custom set time that secures private or official chat.

Status Verification

Check if the person is online-offline while you send messages.

Two-Step Verification

Safeguard your account by enabling two-step verification that adds more security to your account.

Advanced Solutions To Make You Pro

Make networking a fun and productive environment with exhaustive features that make users slayed. Integrate features that allow
them to attach visuals, notify them for updates, share attachments, post time-framed statuses, and more.


Multimedia File Sharing

Share or attach images, gifs, contacts, documents, video and audio content to your contacts.


Quick Search

Search messages from the chat repository and fetch it out seamlessly.


Push Notifications

Notify the person when the contact is online, message is read & received.

Get A Readymade Solution For Real
Time Social Messaging App

  • whatsapp Whatsapp
  •  facebook-messenger Facebook Messenger
  • snapchat Snapchat
  • wechat Wechat
  • skype Skype

Technology Stack Behind The Instant Messaging App


Improve Business interactions, Customer services and Lower
Communication Barrier With Our
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Instant messaging app is a real-time online communication method that connects two or more people. Many IM apps allows users to send and share text, location, images, audio, and video files with other users with end-to-end encryption that helps in keeping the conversations secure.
Instant messaging apps allows businesses to chat with customers, acquire new contacts, and send them targeted messages for lead generation, customer care, inquiries, etc.
Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, Line, Vyber are some of the instant messaging app that allow users to send messages to anyone in the world.
The total cost to develop an instant messaging app goes around $20,000 to $30,000. This is a rough estimate the cost has its dependency upon the features and functionalities you choose to integrate.