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Codiant is ranked among top ten "Blockchain App Development" Companies. This highly secured, distributed and open technology lowers cost, is accessible and reliable and enables an ecosystem of trust with your supplier, customers and partners while speeding up the processes.

With our proficiency in programming Blockchain, cryptography and peer-to-peer communication protocols we support our client at every step to help them launch the next virtual currency like bitcoin or ethereum.


Services You Can Count On Us

Reinforce Financial Sector by Automating Operations

Leverage the inherent benefits of smart contract in investment banking, retail banking, and insurance. Lower administration and service costs; enhance efficient business processes across all major segments of the financial services industry.

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Streamline The Clinical Trial Process in Healthcare Industry

Clinical trials can benefit from smart contracts through increased cross-institutional visibility. The smart contract includes privacy preserving computation that improves data sharing between institutions while automating and tracking consent for patient data.

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Unleash the Power of Smart Contracts for Supply Chain

Efficiently manage goods tracking across brands, retailers, logistics and contracted counterparties by smart contracts enabled extended supply chain visibility. Simplify the complex multi-party systems delivery; improve supply chain financing, insurance and risk of fraud and theft.

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Risk Mitigation and Improved Financing by Smart Contracts

Facilitate streamlined international transfers of goods; provide risk mitigation and improved financing and process efficiencies for buyers, suppliers and financial institutions. Enable improved efficiency in creating, modifying and validating trade, title and transport-related contract agreements.

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Our Enterprise And Government
solutions Expertise

Codiant’s digital Blockchain team potentially addresses the pressing issues and complexities in today’s enterprise system environments by leveraging the power of exponentially innovative Blockchain technology. We work closely with our clients’ right from formulating strategies and ideas to development and commercialization to unlock and build interesting use cases in selected enterprise settings.

  • Corporate voting
  • Prescription fraud management
  • Food claim insurance transfers
  • Real-time loyalty points distribution and redemption
  • Health data management
  • Business registry and licensing
  • Interbank fund

Technology Stack

Microsoft Azure
Node Js
Web3 Js


Also known as DApps, Blockchain apps are decentralized apps. As blockchain does not have any server as an intermediary between users that exchanges money, messages or data, information stored in a Blockchain becomes secure as it is difficult for anyone to add, delete or make any changes once the transaction is commenced. This opens up opportunities for blockchain app development for many industries. The prime use cases of Blockchain are data authentication and verification, smart asset management and smart contracts.
Depending on your use case, we choose the consensus mechanism, identify the most suitable blockchain platform like Hyperledger Iroha, Ethereum, etc. Then we design the nodes and run on cloud, on-premise or both, after considering your requirements. Post that we design the blockchain instance, and then we start building the APIs, followed by the designing of the Admin and User Interface.
By adding Blockchain apps to your platform or application, you can achieve greater transparency with its distributed ledger nature, enhance traceability across every touch point of your supply chain, increase speed by automating and simplifying business processes, and reduce costs at a greater extent.
Yes, Blockchain is the next big thing and the biggest innovation on the internet since the internet. This trending technology is revolutionizing many industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, food safety, and supply chain, among others. Connect with us to know how blockchain apps can benefit your business.

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