Lower Costs, Improve Quality & Engage Patients


With the advent of technology, telehealth is emerging as a critical component of the healthcare crisis solution. Telehealth holds the promise to significantly impact some of the most challenging problems of the current healthcare system: access to care, cost-effective delivery, and addressing shortages and misdistribution of healthcare providers.

Global healthcare providers are turning to WebRTC app to improve the healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. WebRTC app simplifies access to healthcare by providing clinical services to remote patients and helping remote hospitals to provide emergency and intensive care services. WebRTC app’s API delivers video-enabled telehealth services that bring physicians and patients closer substantially and address the short supply, regulatory requirements and costs of doctors.

  • remote-patient-monitoring

    Remote Patient Monitoring/ Home Monitoring Programs

  • primary-care

    Primary Care to Specialist Communication

  • clinical-education-programs

    Clinical Education Programs

  • disaster-management

    Disaster Management

Enhance the Team Productivity

Enterprise Collaboration (EC)

Improving enterprise collaboration is seen as a top priority for many IT organizations. WebRTC’s API connects the mobile workforce with face-to-face communication that enhances productivity across dispersed team, fills collaboration gaps, make meetings more productive and promotes effective video collaboration sessions.

WebRTC’s API that fosters productive interactions is readily optimized to be deployed in public, private or hybrid cloud environments. We’ve helped whopping no. of customers to improve enterprise collaboration and increase employee engagement in their workspaces.

  • enterprise-meeting

    Make Team Meetings More Productive

  • enterprise-presentation

    Simplify the Hiring by Video Interviews

  • enterprise-training

    Employee on Boarding and Training

  • video-conference

    Share Content with Collaboration Groups

Make Communication Easier With Customers

Customer Engagement

WebRTC app’s API instantly connects you to your customers anywhere in the world...face to face with a single tap. It enables rich and seamless real-time voice and video interactions, which makes communication easier at a greater extent. A study by Forrester Consulting on the business benefits of embedded communications technology found that “Organizations that embrace rich, real-time communication technologies, like WebRTC or its API, reap indisputable benefits.”

WebRTC app’s API drive engagement and deliver a stellar customer experience through video calling, video chat, and a secure data channel for file sharing. According to the study, 97 percent of respondents feel that embedded communications greatly improve customer support. So, why wait?

  • multi-channel-communication

    Two Way Multi-channel Communication for Troubleshoot and Emergencies

  • customer-satisfaction

    Boost Customer Satisfaction by Real-time Communication

  • shopping-assistant-services

    Online Retail Customers Retention by Shopping Assistant Services

  • personal-assessment

    Deliver Personal Assessment for Sales Product and Equipment

Troubleshoot the Remote Field Communication Problems

Field Services

With WebRTC app‘s API, a field service technician can easily communicate face-to-face with centralized support team when he/she has traveled to a remote site to solve a problem. The technician can look up information such as the hardware on the site, the expected spare parts to resolve the issue, and recent tickets for the same site and share it visually with the real-time experts.

WebRTC app‘s API is tailored for this use case where the technician can call an expert in the back office support, which is made after the technician has arrived on site and requires assistance to resolve the issue with real-time experts without the need for travel.

  • service-requests

    Resolve Service Requests and Emergencies Remotely

  • field-technician-support

    Field Technician Support and Troubleshooting

  • remote-document

    Remote Document Retrieval for Expedient Field Troubleshooting

  • customer-care-and-support

    Customer Care and Support

Enrich the Distance Learning with Seamless Remote Collaboration

Distance Learning

Challenges such as classroom accessibility, travel constraints to educational campus, weather conditions and unmatched schedule conflicts limit the reach of learning and hence complicates the process. With Video & Voice Conferencing solutions from WebRTC app‘s API you can extend learning, live or on demand, to homebound students, remote campuses and people with scheduling conflicts.

Video & Voice Conferencing solutions from WebRTC app‘s API, allows educators to enhance their curricula without straining resources. Now the innovative learning institutions can be enriched through the addition of virtual field trips, remote classrooms, and collaboration exercises with an accessibility to subject-matter experts all around the globe.

  • on-demand-learning

    On-demand Learning

  • borderless-distance-education

    Borderless Distance Education

  • personal-grooming

    Personal Grooming

  • professional-development

    Professional Development and Skill Enhancement