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Increase the speed and efficiency of your on-demand freight business with Codiant’s customized trucking mobile app development
solution. By introducing this platform, you can give your carrier partners and shippers a platform to book and ship the load with the touch of
a button. And deliver the same robust technology to shippers so they can manage the shipments efficiently.

On-Demand Trucking Marketplace App

Launch an on-demand trucking marketplace app solution like Convoy and match trucking companies with shippers who want to move freight.

On-Demand Trucking App For Truck Fleet Owners

Automate, expand and streamline your trucking operations by developing an easy-to-use “Uber for trucking” app.

Freight Shipping App For Carriers And Shippers

Make an app like UberFreight by building a network of carriers and drivers and connect them to shippers.

Automate, Manage And Dispatch Freight Effortlessly

Trucking App Features

Introducing The Key Features Of On-Demand Trucking App

manage booking

Manage Bookings

Carriers can easily manage new freight bookings, set the custom upfront pricing with no agonies of negotiation.



Carriers will receive real-time notifications and alerts all important information.

manage fleet

Manage Fleet

Carriers can add & update truck details, check maintenance updates, fuel cards, operating cost, etc.



Carriers can check their monthly reports, track their earnings, and catalyze actions.

manage drivers

Manage Drivers

Carriers can add new drivers, update their details, check their availability and track them in real-time.


View Feedback

Carriers can check the feedback, ratings and reviews given by the shippers.

manage shipments

Manage Shipments

Carriers can manage shipments, good types, taxes and invoices, sustained routes, etc.

truck reports

Truck Reports

Carriers can view driver reports which includes drivers’ performance, earnings, truck mileage, ratings given by shippers etc.



Carriers can get useful and actionable insights to make better business decisions and plan marketing campaigns.

help and support

Help and Support

Carriers can contact Admin in case of any glitches, queries or errors in operations.

registration and login

Registration & Login

Shippers can seamlessly register with email id and phone no.

track shipments

Track Shipments

Shippers can track the freight in real-time from pick-up to the destination point.

available vehicles

See Available Vehicles

Shippers can see the see available trucks on the map.


Make Payment

Shipper can make secured in-app payment or pay via major credit/debit cards.

shipping request

Send Shipping Request

Shipper can list jobs by specifying freight dimensions, pick-up and delivery addresses, & book the shipment.

booking history

Booking History

Shippers can see the past, current and upcoming bookings.

push notifications

Push Notifications

Shipper can list jobs by specifying freight dimensions, pick-up and delivery addresses, & book the shipment.

rate and review

Rate And Review

Users can rate and review carriers and drivers for their service.

driver authentication

Driver Authentication

Drivers can register with phone no and email id and submit info like license, identity card, etc.

real time chat

Real-Time Chat

Drivers can message in real-time to the shipper to clear any queries.

view shipping request

View Shipping Request

Drivers can view shipping requests and the waiting list.

built in navigation

Built-In Navigation

Drivers can see LIVE map and optimized route with real-time traffic.

accept/reject shipping request

Accept/Reject Shipping Request

Drivers can accept a shipping request or cancel it.

push notifications

Push Notifications

Drivers will receive notifications for new messages and payments.

view shipper details

View Shipper Details

Drivers can see shipper’s contact details.

proof of delivery

Proof Of Delivery

After making a successful shipment delivery, the driver can upload the image of the bill.

shipment details

Shipment Details

Drivers can see freight details like type of load, pick-up and drop-off locations, scheduled pickup time, etc.

e signature


Driver can also e-sign the bill of shipment or take the photo of it as a proof of delivery.



An easy interface where admin can view all the running operations info on a single screen.

manage carriers

Manage Carriers

Admin can register, add, and update all transporters & cargo movers companies.

manage drivers

Manage Drivers

Admin can activate/deactivate drivers, send messages, track and assign them jobs, settle payments, etc.

bill management

Bill Management

Admin can check all the incoming payments from the shippers to carriers and check the total commission earned.

manage trucks

Manage Trucks

Admin can add, remove and update freight vehicles and view its complete details.

reports and analytics

Reports & Analytics

Admin can see monthly reports and take necessary actions.

manage shippers

Manage Shippers

Admin can view all shippers’ information, assist them in bookings if needed.

offers and coupons

Offers & Coupons

Admin can add/edit promo codes and referral points for shipper retention.


Eliminate Empty Truck Miles And Keep Your Trucks Fully Loaded

Get built Your Truck Routing & Scheduling Software to reduce emissions and help meet
corporate sustainability goals.

Empowering Transporters
And Carriers
Holistics Technology Suite

Maximize the applicability and usability of your
trucking operations by leveraging our
comprehensive suite of on-demand trucking
application and logistics and fleet
management solution
, designed to make your
supply chain, automation operations and
hauling activities more efficient.


Fully Customizable

Our flexible trucking management app is fully customizable and capable of including new features, third party integrations, and design.

secured payment

Secured Payment

Experience a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online with robust payment gateway integration.

robust scalable

Robust And Scalable

Our modern technology stack and enterprise-class security are highly reliable for large-scale operations.

easy interface

Easy Interface

Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy for shippers and truckers to pilot the app conveniently.

global solution

Global Solution

Our on-demand trucking application works globally. It is multi-lingual and supports multi-currency options.

full support

Full Support

We provide you end-to-end support and ongoing maintenance and post-deployment.

Reinforcing Your App With The Modern Technologies

Built On Top Technology Stack

We thoroughly understand the security controls needed for an enterprise-class trucking app solution. Our understanding of the components
that contain the solution and their operations has helped us built a robust security architecture with features that enable full support while
delivering end-to-end protection to the application.

trucking app-technology stack


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Expand your online trucking app internationally with our multilingual trucking app development solution. Our online trucking app development services empowers carriers, shippers and drivers and helps carrier companies streamline the entire process of freight shipping and bring higher efficiency and automation.
Yes, we can launch your app in multiple regions with multi-currency and language support. Leverage our multi-currency app that supports multi-currency and multiple payment gateways like Braintree, Stripe, Paypal and more.
We always recommend building products or services with features that your customers perceive. With Codiant you can discover the range of content features, functions and formats that can make your product better. We are a full stack development company.
The cost of Uber for trucking, on-demand logistics service marketplace, or UberFreight clone app development entirely depends upon the type, number of features you require and the complexities involved in it. Nevertheless, you can always request a ballpark figure. Request a free quote now!

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