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Project Execution Structure

Start checking the box as you leap ahead the following three milestones of
successful project execution. Extracting the exact requirements of a desired
software product of our client is our forte. Let’s discuss a project.

Our Deliverables

Whilst we take up the project from our client, our duty starts right from that point. We help our clients
by informing them about all the aspects that comes in the development stage. No surprise, but
Codiant is hailed for its systemized and standardized work.

image Wireframe Iteration & Approval


image UI Design & Development


image Testing & Launch

  • 1. SRS Draft A formal Functional Specification will be drafted based on the information provided for the execution of the site project.
  • 2. Draft Approval Work will proceed on the SRS, only when after you approve the drafted document.
  • 3. Final SRS We will complete the Functional specification in view of your comments. Freezing on the requirement.
  • 4. SRS Approval The final and formally approved specification will then be the basis for delivering the final product.
  • 5. Project Spearheads The Project Manager will brief the programming team on the requirements, Creative Design and Prototypes, Mock up Creative design including logo designing, index page and other page mock ups, style sheets, etc. This will be the inception.
  • 6. Wireframing/Prototype/Mock-up We will build a non-working prototype to give you a rough but accurate idea to how the user interface will look, how the site will work etc. It will include all major screens.
  • 7. Wireframes Approval A review and approval on the prototype will be required from your end for development.
  • 8. Development/ Implementation We will spearhead the process by design then will reduce the design to code followed by unit testing and peer testing.
  • 9. Testing Our expert quality Analysts will test the software in-house. The hours budgeted here will be used in testing throughout the development process.
  • 10. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Complete software system will be released for your testing.
  • 11. Feedback You will comment on the UAT results and provide approval to proceed.
  • 12. Final Version We will provide quick turnaround to fix any problems that are pointed out by you during UAT, resulting in the Final Version.
  • 13. Final Approval You will review the Final Version and give your approval.
  • 14. Launch We will provide our assistance in placing the product online.