WE ARE wakaze

Home Dream Home!!!

If everything is going online why not property booking too! On Wakaze Rental Portal you as an agent can list his property and provide description, photos. The website is multilingual and multicurrency so one can utilize globalization successfully. The functions of invoice generation, calendar functionality and discount coupons are also available. You can also sign in using Facebook. And the good news is that it is similar to 'airbnb' in many of its smooth features and functionalities.

No Compromise Policy!!

Compromises and Co-operation look good in relationships only. We tend to keep it away in business. So, rest assured you will receive the hotel quality at 50% rates, there is scope for wider selection and you will enjoy 100% relaxation.

Not Only Property!!!

With Wakaze, you not only find an abode to live in but also stay in with the feature of 'Travel with Wakaze'. Besides, you can become a host, write testimonials and list your place too.

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