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A Logistics App And Web To Monitor Your Supply Chain

Our client from the USA wanted us to build a Logistics Software Solution that will allow registered users to ship their logistics from point A to point B. While giving them full gears to monitor and track their current loads in real-time. This app also facilitates user to buy, sell, ship and pay for produce from app and website as well.

logistics software solution - trackter
logistics web solution
logistics app solution

Key Features

The trackter app allows the user to securely login, manage the profile conveniently, quickly access to check the Pick-up location, Verify the Pick Up by unique CRN number, check the bids on go, and track the real-time status of shipping.


Trackter is an extensive logistics hub for produce growers, buyers, and shippers. By creating a produce marketplace, Trackter gives you the ability to get real-time pricing for produce and trucks, as well as to track the current location of your produce and its arrival in real time. Plus, Trackter makes payments simple with customized ACH payment portal.

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