WE ARE timesheet

With Timesheet, Deadlines are to Meet

Timesheet is also a web application for time tracking and report generation. This will make the employees manage their time be more productive. It helps employers to track the time sheet of employee.

Admin can create a TimeSheet and Admin and Project Manager can both create a Project on which they assign an employee to work upon and track the number of hours the employee/s worked on it and what is the billable amount on that?

timesheet timesheet

Easy Assignment, Easy Achievement

It becomes very easy for the admin to assign an employee to a particular job. This is not over. The admin can also keep a check on the number of hours the employees have worked on. And it will be more convenient to calculate the billable amount on that.

timesheet timesheet

The Four Pillars

There are four main ends to deal on the web application of Timesheet. Super admin, Admin/Company admin, Manager, and the Employees. Super admin to keep an eye on the functionalities, Admin to assign jobs, Manager for performing operational management and last but not the least Employees to know the ground on which they are being judged on.