Simply Fashionable!

Fashion attracts all of us! This is a superb website to stay updated as far as your overall personality is concerned and not only your nails. So, polish yourself and not just your nails.


Manage at One Go!!!

Now it is not a big deal for you to manage your appointments, employees, hours of operation and employee schedule at one place that we call Nailspolished. As a customer, appointment booking is through an easy interface and can checkout at salon end after the appointment. So what are you waiting for! Just go e-merchant.

nail-polished nail-polished

It is Polished!! You see!!

With nailspolished, your appearance is not only going to be polished the way you want; but we have Polished Reviews of the service providers, Polished Gift Cards and something different- Polished Points too! Didn't get it??? Visit

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