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We Are Justchecking

This website offers the online buying of the sensors which hold special importance when you are not at home but worried about your family members and property. Sensors will do their work and you can get the trouble checked by calling neighbours or police station.


Everything Interactive

This website let users purchase the sensors for their home in order to monitor the activity of their loved one. The sensors track the movement and store it in other software. Users can purchase the sensors online through the payment gateway Stripe.

The 2-way Design

The website is very simple two way design depicting that JUSTCHECKING has sensor booking for both commercial and non-commercial purpose. On the right you would get the link for home and on the right for offices.

One Of Its Own Kind...

The portal design is simple but still beautiful. It looks appealing to individuals because of colour combination and the designs and also to professionals due to clear presentation of the information. And the unique part is formal and informal presentation is merged on the homepage itself.

Our Design Ingredients

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