WE ARE exampeep

Peep & Prep!!

Exampeep is a website that helps you by providing guidance from those who have already given the exam. And it is a general habit to ask for tips from seniors; so, here we have an excellent opportunity to get the exam experiences, practise questions & take reviews of exam preparation products & services.

exampeep exampeep

The Comprehensive View!!

The design of the website is such that it gives a comprehensive view of the offerings. For example, the top of the homepage shows college entrance, high school, law, competitive, like heads. Just below the picture are the numbers to be proud of. Then 'Find Your Community' is more detailed without a click. And for more details visit the website

exampeep exampeep

Chat & Study!!

The students do chat a lot but for the first time they have an opportunity to study while chatting with Exampeep. This is not enough, they can also make and add study groups. They can be a part of the forums and collaborate with Exam Wiki.

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