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Welcome to Bodyboss

A Fitness Based Website for Users & Personal Certified Trainers


Meet The “Bodyboss”

Fitness web & apps have become a focal part of any fitness fanatics’ daily routine. Following, fitness and workout apps have
become all the rage. Bodyboss comes to tap the same healthy obsession. It’s a fitness based website for users and personal
certified trainers. Users after becoming member of Bodyboss can find the best fitness trainers from the given list and make
comparisons while trainers can find the users for giving them training.


All Fitness Services
Under One Umbrella

For fitness aficionados "Bodyboss" is like a boon where they can find all the fitness hacks on a single platform.

Salient Features of a Member:

  • Find fitness Trainers
  • Select their fitness goals
  • Manage body measurements
  • Create and view workouts and exercise
  • Create POLL in order to have sessions with trainer

To Motivate You, Coach You, & Help You Track Your Progress

Bodyboss is wonderful at helping you begin workout goals by allowing you to adjust its level of difficulty based on your current fitness level. It is well polished and rich with salient features that cover A to Z options you seek by becoming a member of a fitness app.

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