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A Packers & Movers Mobile App

Packers & Movers Mobile App


Teleportoo is one of the best movers of household items, office, workstation, apartment, store buys, ikea buys and more in the Czech Republic that caters to its customers nationally and internationally.

Whether it is moving to a new house or shifting your new business to a new location. Teleportoo is a one-stop solution for your entire relocation requirement irrespective of geographical limitations. They move and deliver anything. Just a few taps and their trucks and movers would be headed your way!

Packers & Movers App
packers & movers Mobile app development
packers & movers app development


Teleoportoo’s mobile app for Android and iOS platforms is built with an excellent user interface to make your moves smoother towards ordering and within a few clicks. It’s a multilingual app which allows movers to track the location of your area through pin code and allows you to view all the teleportoo movers between your way from source to destination, giving you an all-rounded flexibility to pick and choose amongst them. This app is also used to track your belongings throughout your move. Additionally, we have hooked brainTree payment gateway, twilio API for SMS and Google API for location which makes it a feature-rich application.


Teleportoo App assesses your goods by quantity and weight and estimates the charges through volume, moving distance and accessibility and then makes the elaborate quotation. The mover team of teleportoo undergoes rigorous continual training on standard operation procedures on handling, loading, storing and delivering your precious and priceless goods with the best care possible.

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