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The Concerted Marketplace App For Students



Fourwalls is a marketplace app brought out for students studying in the same schools and colleges which gives them full
liberty to create their profile (which is reviewed by the admin) and explore the exciting features packed inside the app.
Fourwalls allows the students to create listings that is share, rent, sell, buy others old or new belongings, create events and
engage their peers, create a poll and call for votings and much more wrapped in.


With Fourwalls App

Fourwalls is an exciting app for students that packs strings of features for them to explore and make the things happening inside the four walls of a school, or sometimes college. It is get up and go app that also gives students a wondrous opportunity to share their status, chat with a friend, share their location and screens while chatting, and even access their friends’ current location (if permitted by the said) and many more.

Oodles Of Features To Awe You!

This quirky yet intelligent app opens the floodgates for students, allowing them to post a request or offer and share it on social channels like facebook, instagram and twitter. The aforementioned has full access to create listings, event, poll etc. They can even make things even more revealing by ratings and reviews feature.

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