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Emoski is a mental health mobile application that utilizes a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) best practices,
meditation and mindfulness to improve overall mental health and wellness for teenagers. This application has two interfaces:
Patient interface and CSI interface (Intern therapist).

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Designed to Help You
Feel Better

Emoski teaches mindfulness skills, provides health-tracking features and action plans having pleasant activities and hobbies based on users’ current mood that can be used to improve the mental and physical health of teenagers. It also connects users with a licensed mental health professionals so they can receive therapies from their digital devices. Also, the user can view the guide path present in the app named as a resource section.

Features That Worked Miracles

  • Mood improvement by performing activities through the application
  • Real-time chat with intern therapist (paid feature)
  • Track your moods, thoughts, and activities
  • Progress tracking
  • Action plan creation
  • Explore- Guide section where the patients get external resources
  • Subscription plans

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