Meet Brilliant Move

Meet Brilliant Move –An On-Demand Logistics Solution

Brilliant Move is an on-demand logistics solution that powers retailers lacking a fully integrated and dedicated delivery network with an on-demand delivery platform. As well as, enables customers to make the store-to-inside-door delivery experience effortless, convenient, and secure

Creating Frictionless Delivery Experience for Everyone

This white glove delivery platform comprises of Customer App, Driver App and Admin panel feature-packed with intelligent attributes. The customer can select the store and the product along with their quantity and can request to move the packages from store to destination. Whereas, the driver can receive, accept/reject a request, send /receive notifications. There are options for both users to chat, call, and do navigation in map view.

Creating Frictionless Delivery

Logistical Excellence Across Every TouchPoint

Brilliant move logistic solution works like a charm for bothretailers and customers. It helps retailers to streamline the delivery and bring operational efficiency
while satisfying the customers at the same time.

Logistical Excellence
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