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Marketplace App


Bazr is a marketplace to buy and sell products or services. The best part is that the categories are not particularly fixed. Whatever you feel like selling; just offer it. You do not need to be a dealer of it. It is one-to-one market.

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Right To Rate
& Review

The customer is always right. This is not just a quotation. It is actually right since the customer is giving us the feedback and that is how we can improve on our services further. So, Buyers! You have the right to rate and review and Sellers! You have the opportunity to take the feedback on.

Three-Steps Working

Bazr is very simple and easy to work. It has only 3 steps and you are ready to 'Get Set Go'. So, who is trying to stop you to accomplish your objectives! Just make your account and experience the smoothness of the brilliant product of ours.

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