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IP Protection

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Your Ideas Are Always Safe With Us

At Codiant, protecting your ideas, intellectual property IP, and trade secrets is our key concern. We ensure that any of
the information shared by you does not slip through the cracks, any unauthorized person or a third party. To maintain
the confidentiality we take the following measures:


We Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

We sign a mutual and confidential non disclosure agreement to legally protect your ideas. Our NDA is rigorously drafted by a reputed law firm and are written in format that best protect your ideas, projects, and trade secrets.


We Follow Stringent Procedures

Our Stringent Procedures around source code & project management safeguards your projects at our development office. We have password protected and advanced security system that assures you none of the information is revealed to any unauthorized person.


Our Employees Do Not Compete With You

Our meticulous employee confidentiality agreement can give you real peace of mind as it assures that any employee will not share any information about the details of the employer’s business or the employer’s secret processes, or plans.


24/7 Security

Our delivery centers are highly secured and monitored by CCTV surveillance cameras 24x7.