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Build Your Brand Authority, Increase
Engagement And Boost Traffic

The power of social media needs no introduction, and the total time spent by the users on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
cannot be overlooked either. With this increasing dominance, now more than ever businesses are using social media platforms as a vital tool
for their brand marketing efforts.

Codiant a social media marketing company in the USA taps the influence and the growing marketing scope of these social media networks
and helps brands with effective social media marketing strategy across platforms to build new relationships, drive new leads and boost brand

We have an expert team of digital marketers, social media managers and content strategists who create a right mix of strategy-driven
campaigns poised to create buzz amid your intended audience.

Get in touch with us and lead your way to game-changing social media marketing services.


Facebook Ads

Perfect for building brand awareness and increasing reach, sending traffic to your website, creating online conversions and generating leads.


Instagram Ads

Instagram is popular amongst millennials and Gen X. Its ads are also used to create awareness, increase engagement and conversion like Facebook.


Twitter Ads

Twitter ads and tweets work best for website clicks, increasing followers, brand awareness and app installs.


Linkedin Ads

Linkedin Ads help businesses with marketing objectives such as creating awareness, drive website visits, encouraging video views, collecting leads and driving conversions.


Pinterest Ads

Pinterest works best to achieve business goals like driving traffic to specific products, encouraging specific actions on your website and driving video impressions.


Competitor and Market

  • Identify your competitors on social media
  • Understanding how well their social strategy is working
  • Analyzing their posts and content that outperforms
  • Benchmarking your social results against the competition
  • Find gaps in your own social media strategy

Strategizing and Creating Social Media Campaigns

  • Track meaningful metrics of your audience
  • Find inspiration and success stories of your competitors
  • Posting and scheduling highly engaging posts
  • Examine engagement and interaction
  • Test, evaluate and adjust strategies

Paid Social Media Advertisement

For Facebook

  • We create Stories Ads, Carousel Ads, Slideshow Ads, Lead Generation and Messenger Ads

For Instagram

  • We create photos and video Ads, Carousel Ads, Stories, Twitter and Collection Ads

For Linkedin

  • We create Sponsored Content ads and Text Ads

Social Media Campaign Tracking

  • Tracking and optimizing your audience
  • Understanding your audience engagement with campaign
  • Tracking and analyzing click-through rate and leads
  • Optimizing your ROI on paid social campaigns

Monitoring Social Media
Campaign & Reputation

  • Monitoring social media reviews, feedback and sentiments
  • Monitoring ongoing trends in social media
  • Monitoring social engagement from campaigns
  • Monitoring brand mentions across social platforms

Social Media Marketing Plan

  • icon-facebook


    • 75 Social Posts/Month
    • 14 Custom Images/Month
    • 6 Boosted Posts
    • 3 Blog Posts/Month
    • 1 Contest(s)/Year
  • icon-linkdin


    • 30 Social Posts/Month
    • 8 Custom Images/Month
    • 3 Boosted Posts
    • 2 Blog Posts/Month
    • 0 Contest(s)/Year
  • icon-instagram


    • 15 Social Posts/Month
    • 6 Custom Images/Month
    • 2 Boosted Posts
    • 0 Blog Posts/Month
    • 0 Contest(s)/Year
  • icon-twitter


    • 60 Social Posts/Month
    • 12 Custom Images/Month
    • 5 Boosted Posts
    • 4 Blog Posts/Month
    • 1 Contest(s)/Year
  • icon-pinterest


    • 45 Social Posts/Month
    • 10 Custom Images/Month
    • 4 Boosted Posts
    • 2 Blog Posts/Month
    • 0 Contest(s)/Year