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Did you know 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine? And being search engine specific, Google alone holds 90% of
the total search engine market share.

Next, 75% of people who search online will never scroll past the first page of Google. Meaning? If not there, you are unlikely to be found by your audience.

At Codiant, we can help you get the top rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs). We’re the best SEO service provider in the USA helping websites from diverse
industries rank high on Google and outrank their competitors. We have a dedicated team of SEO consultants and SEO experts who use their years of experience for formulating customized tactics and strategies that aligns with your business goals and needs.

All our search engine optimization efforts are not just to rank your website higher but are also directed to position your brand’s
products and services in front of the right audience and attract higher organic traffic.

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Keyword and Market Research

The foundation of all digital marketing services not just SEO- is Keywords. Efficient keyword analysis helps you in better understanding your target market and how they are searching for your content, services, or products. Our tools and strategies used for keyword and market research help you identify the ‘who’, ‘how’, and ‘what’ of your customers and their search patterns. These components help us in increasing your ranking on Google.


Website SEO Audits

Boost your site’s search engine rankings to attract visitors, increase conversions and ultimately grow ROI with our finest SEO Audit services. In our SEO audit report, you get a complete evaluation of your site. Our top SEO tools check every layer of your site to find issues that are pulling you down from SERPs.

As an Audit Report our SEO experts deliver you an actionable plan that helps you uncover your site’s weaknesses, on-page issues hurting your site technically, errors that need to be fixed and a general overview to check SEO efficiency.


OnPage SEO Services

On-page SEO services involve web pages optimization to improve the site’s rankings and earn organic traffic. Our On-page SEO services include optimizing headlines, HTML tags like Meta tags, meta description, title tag, and header and image optimization.

While putting our efforts into on-page optimization our content strategist also ensures to audit content and curate informative and keyword research content for your webpages and blog posts.


OffPage SEO Services

Offpage SEO is improving search engine and user’s perception of your website’s popularity by increasing its relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. We accomplish this by creating relevant backlinks on other reputable places on the Internet (pages, sites, people, etc.) and creating high-quality content in the form of guest blogging, article writing, press releases, and some other forms of rich snippets. We also create citations in popular business directories and do competitors backlink analysis to create backlinks from the identified sources.


Content Marketing

Grow your business by creating your own brand voice through a content marketing plan that outlines your target audience, discusses their need and solve problems. Know what? Google loves unique, informative and quality content. Because it attracts readers, increases more traffic and establishes authenticity.

And at Codiant our content writers possess the knack to catch the pulse of your target audience and create engaging, and sticky content that compels readers to go in the flow and take action. Thereby, helping you to make more sales.


Creative Media

Count on us to create engaging and interactive content like videos, gifs, infographics, promotional images, slideshows, presentations and animated explainer videos. At Codiant, we have tried and tested the power of interactive media in our content marketing strategy to reach larger audiences in less time and attract huge traffic.

A platform popping visual storytelling, custom images to communicate your brand’s product more effectively, memes, annotations, etc. works wonder. Reach us for creating enriching content.


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No visitors. No sales. It all starts with variables like right keywords, good content, and strategy
to beat tough competition. Want to know where are you missing? What makes your website
incompetent to rank on Google’s first page? Get our SEO Audit report. We examine the
website and provide you valuable insights to help you know why you aren’t ranking.

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