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Building Customer And Digital
Marketing Strategies Right

Pulling of sales in the digital world requires not only the technology but first the strategy constructed around the customer experience.

At Codiant, we design and deliver customer and marketing strategies anchored with change and growth in your enterprise. Designed to build newer marketing capabilities and drive profitable opportunities, our strategies utilize analytics and customer data to create the most engaging customer experiences across new social and digital channels at the right time.

How We Help In The Process:

  • Build your buyer personas to create new customer engaging experiences

  • Identify your business goals and the digital marketing tools you’ll need

  • Review your existing marketing channels and evaluate which fits best

  • Identify gaps in your existing content and create a content creation plan

  • Bring your digital marketing campaign on stage

digital marketing services

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Services

  • marketing-perfor

    Marketing Performance Strategy

    Our services will help you set business goals, and lay roadmap to create, fine-tune, and accomplish these goals with a focused set of steps to achieve your business objectives.

  • analytics

    Analytics-Driven Media Planning

    Our analytics expert digs deep into your business data to analyze key metrics that will spur your brand’s growth and then run Omni-channel campaigns by leveraging the right media to increase conversions.

  • experience

    Experience Management And OptimizationS

    We merge the data-driven analytics of your business with our creative experience design to deliver visually striking and functionally design solutions that positively impact the brands’ consumer interactions.

  • consumer-data

    Consumer Data Management And Analytics

    We collect, manage, and analyze your customer data to learn their behavior, preferences, and then accordingly make strategic decisions to form personalized recommendations, thereby optimizing the brand experience.

  • experience

    Organizational Technology For Excellence

    Infrastructure and processes like software, new techniques, and digital products are the driving force of digital innovation. We include technology setup, management, and execution of processes for better governance and strategy.

  • innovation

    Digital Innovation

    Helping businesses to craft new technology strategy, adopt and implement new software or platform after researching the current business context, identifying key problems, and areas of improvement to drive competitive advantage at scale.

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Applied Customer Insights’ To Help
You Reach Best Buying Audience

How Do Our Strategies Work?

  • Expanded reach to right customers

  • Sustainable organic growth

  • Informed decision making

  • Increased profitability and ROI X 1.5 the baseline

  • Improvement in customer loyalty and retention X 1.5 the baseline

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