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Is Your Digital Strategy Well Equipped To
Ensure Your Success?

Is your company leveraging digital fully for your marketing processes? Are you harnessing performance marketing
channels and digital techniques? Are you utilizing agile methodologies?

Defining your organization’s digital strategy whether it be digital marketing, digital technology infrastructure or mobile
development is no more optional! If you want to compete in the digital world you have to advance your digital agenda.

Codiant’s digital research and strategy assessment help organizations and brands with a mix of business strategy
services having a holistic report to roadmap and checklist, choice of digital enablers like technology products (e.g.
websites, mobile apps), platforms (e.g. cloud servers, data analytics, CMS) and channels (e.g. social media, SEO
optimization, missing features).

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Our Three-Pronged Process To Digital
Research & Strategy



Before you can know where to go, you need to understand where you are.

Our discovery phase is an empowering first step for our clients to reflect on their digital capabilities and to identify current strengths and areas for development. It includes the following activities:

  • Digital Capabilities and Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Briefing on the Key Findings and Current state Summary
  • Identifying Digital Opportunities and Areas For Development

Define Strategy

After knowing the barriers, it’s time to craft a strategy to invade new spaces.

In the second phase, we create digital strategy and vision that align with your business aspirations, short-term and long-term goals. Shaped to dramatically improve your organization’s digital culture we create a methodology that covers:

  • Digital Objectives, Strategy, and Vision
  • Digital Organizations Recommendations
  • Digital Imperatives and Key Essentials

Develop Plan

A transformation roadmap to capture digital opportunities and plan execution

As a next step, we develop a plan to attempt an objective benchmark. We send you personalized reports with customized feedback, next steps and resources to reshape your digital state. The report includes:

  • Initiative Definitions and Considerations
  • Digital Roadmap and Checklist
  • Digital Strategy Summary

Key Components Of Our Digital
Marketing Strategy

To accelerate your operational processes we look for gaps in your website, app, user experience and CMS that obstructs your business growth. After analyzing all your digital assets including products, platforms and channels we formulate strategy, select top tools and technologies to evaluate your brand’s performance, study market trends and do customer research. Then we craft a digital marketing plan that reinforces your digital products and boosts your bottom line.


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Strategy To Meet Your Business Goals?

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Codiant’s network of development teams cater clients with comprehensive, integrated solutions across the entire software development chain through agile
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