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Legacy Migration, Application Modernization,
and Digital Transformation Services

Is your organization feeling obstructed while integrating new technologies and processes and continually facing many challenges driven by high costs,
system incompatibility, and legacy skills crunch every time you are trying to solve today’s business requirements? It’s high time to look to application

At Codiant, we help organizations address the migration of legacy to new applications or platforms including the integration of new functionality
without altering existing assets; to provide the latest functions to the business and reduce high maintenance costs.

In the application modernization process, Codiant adopts cloud and proven transformation methodologies and technologies essential to a modern,
integrated IT ecosystem, supported by our developer’s cross-industry experience and technical skills.

The exhaustive range of application modernization services provided by Codiant includes approaches re-platforming, re-hosting, refactoring,
rearchitecting, re-building, interoperability, and replacement.

Our technical team scrutinizes and analyzes to identify the root of the problem whether it is caused by technology, architecture, or functionality of the
application. After conducting the assessment, we decide if to rearchitect, rebuild, or replace.

Our Application Modernization Service Offerings

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Service Enablement
And Integration




Applications And Legacy Modernization


Managed Cloud


Managed Mainframe




Optimization And
Automation Services


Open Source




Codiant’s Differentiators To Business Centric, Continuous And Efficient Application Modernization

Codiant’s experience in migration, modernization, and transformation services has evolved gradually with our continual involvement in migrating applications, databases, and operating systems platforms in a wide variety of technical environments.

Our experts do a detailed analysis of the users’ application to the most elementary level and then decide on whether to migrate, re-platform, or remediate legacy systems. We use modern technologies while providing a secure and seamless transformation to mitigate risks. Furthermore, we deploy simple solutions to streamline apps and infrastructure at speed and scale.

Here are our differentiators that enable quick and efficient application modernization-


Low Business Disruption

No alterations to existing assets and legacy code throughout the migration process.


Selective Refactoring

Enables organizations to mitigate risks by carrying out application refactoring to selective groups.


On-Time Delivery

We use highly adaptable, scalable, and visual tool suite to achieve speed to value and reduce run costs.


Faster Time To Market

Our quick and efficient managed cloud services help clients to faster time to market and achieve greater business agility.

It’s Time To Create A Robust, Lean, And Future Proof
Portfolio With Migration,Transformation, And
Application Modernization

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    Automate the app migration in a secured and cost-effective way

  • number

    Derive the most value from existing applications

  • number

    Minimize unessential operating costs

  • number

    Reduce capital expenditure

  • number

    Minimize risks over the short, medium, and long terms

  • number

    Enable new market opportunities and capitalize faster

Industry We Serve


Healthcare & Telemedicine

Expand the delivery of care, plan your schedule, reduce no-shows, and manage your patients anytime, anywhere.

Our comprehensive healthcare and telemedicine app development solution for iOS, Android and Web takes care of everything-- from offering a value-based treatment environment to reaching more patients; driving your clinical practice revenues to improved patient outcomes. Our team has broad experience to develop and pivot healthcare and telemedicine app.

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Fitness Apps

Take advantage of our extensive fitness app development service package for Personal Trainers and Gyms. Our decisively crafted fitness digital platform for app and web will help you to create, track, and manage fitness clients and amplify revenue.

All this happens in a central location to help you stay organized, grow your personal training business and increase client engagement like never before.

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Food & Restaurant

Codiant takes great pride in creating an all-inclusive on-demand food delivery app development for restaurant and food delivery chains that bridges the gaps in the food ordering, logistics processes and customer value chain.

Labeled for managing the online food business from start to finish, we give restaurant leaders peace of mind about what next! After getting digital--so that they can position to earn the trust of a fragile consumer base with our tech-enabled customer affinity tactics.

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Real Estate & Property

Utilize our vast expertise in designing a comprehensive digital strategy for our real estate customers. Brought from the best-of-both world’s experience, we shape your organization digitally-after analyzing the kind of leads you want. We guide and consult you to find the additional revenue resources, acquire new leads from sellers or buyers and build the business independently.

If you are looking to drive digital efficiency, bring high performance, and agile workflows across all functions our digital transformation and modernization canvas can help you to get there.

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Logistic & Transportation

Focus on best opportunities for value creation, while we handle your processes to boost sales, reduce costs and facilitate rapid order fulfillment.

Our on-demand logistics digital transformation canvas that leverages predictive analytics, marketing and loyalty tools allows you to increase customer engagement, maintain and build stronger customer relationships. So that you can see your growth drastically stacking up month by month. Leverage our on-demand logistics app development services to achieve your project goals and milestones.

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Transport & Automation

Being a leading transport management solution provider, Codiant has automated 50+ transport, logistics and fleet management solutions from web and app platforms. Our dominant taxi app development services for iOS and Android apps are reinforced with cutting-edge technologies and AI-powered marketing tools and--accelerated by the proficiency of our strategists--to make automation, rapid app installations and customer services enhancement a cakewalk.

Position yourself for the long road ahead—by expanding the range of transport, optimizing your fleet operations and driving profitability with our mastery in end-to-end transportation dispatch solution services.

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Travel & Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality Take off to greater heights with our digital transformation and technology solutions and services for the ‘Travel, Hospitality and Leisure’ industry. Our business and technology experts possess a knack in travel and hospitality solutions that fuels business critical programs like traveler engagement, tailored customer experience, and bringing in customer delight to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Modernize your travel booking, property management website, car rental, taxi-hailing apps and other digital assets to maximize growth and deliver value. Guest engagement and retention strategies lie with us.

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Banking, Finance & Insurance

At Codiant we arm banks and insurers across the globe with customer experience digital capabilities that ensure they fight off competition from new market entrants, enhance agility, and meet changing customer demands. We leverage technologies like AI, digitalization, sales platform, and RPA (robotic process automation) to support you in repositioning your success.

Our mastery in banking and finance digitalization also helps financial institutions (FIs) and companies ease margin pressures, reduce real economy emissions and contribute to the net-zero transition.

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eCommerce, Retail & B2B

Codiant’s eCommerce automated solutions has epic deals for retailers, brands and eCommerce stores. Now deliver an experience tailored to shopper’s online behavior, buying preferences, all in real time. Our personalized B2C strategies help eCommerce companies deliver delightful customer experiences that acquire, engage and grow your customer base like never before.

We make sure to present the right product, best offers in front of the right shoppers in the moments that matter. Our data-driven personalized campaign and AI driven recommendations powers you to intelligently connect with casual shoppers. So, that no visitors leave without making a buying history. Curious to know how we can grow your online revenue? Get in touch now.

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Education & eLearning

Drive innovation and effectiveness with our solid framework for education web and app solutions that creates a compelling learning experience. No matter you have a physical or digital learning ecosystem, our digital transformation and modernization strategy is well-aligned to the learner’s needs and put forth users at the center. Thus, helping you to impact the business results, cut costs and boost performance.

Our educational transformation canvas is built on the pillars of your organization goals, content strategy and current resources. It identifies learner’s personas help you to implement that behavior in the system’s functionality and enhance the learner’s experience while giving you a significant boost in profitability.

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