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Welcome To Who Is She Wearing


Marketplace to Buy, Sell, Rent Fashion Clothes

Who is she wearing is an ecommerce marketplace website or an online consignment store front that allows buying, selling and renting of new clothes as well as the used ones. The website has lots of enticing features to hook the college young fashionistas and slay them to make a purchase decision.

Client Goals

Client’s purpose was to provide a peer to peer marketplace website which will act as a platform for buying selling and renting where seller can post a product and buyer/renter can purchase/rent a product. The target audience was college campus students where they wanted to provide them the facility to sell their used fashion clothes or either rent them for a prom party resulting in some earnings. He came to us taking this idea and asked us to develop a marketplace website that allows users to:

  • List product for sale and rent.
  • Add product in wish list.
  • Message seller for further information.
  • Mark seller as favorite.
  • Provide ratings to seller.
  • View seller’s profile and their product listing for buying and renting.
The Challenge


For making the flow easier, our UX designers made the website wireframe that reflected the arrangement of the content on the site. The context included the buyer, the products, the value proposition, and it was a round-up of analysis that covered conversion goals, buyer personas, buying process analysis, and customer research.


Marketplace to Buy, Sell, Rent Fashion Clothes

Here are the detailed impressions of the designs our UI designers created for Who is She Wearing.



Our development team worked on the website and came up with a solution that supported the following features:

  • Sign-up : User can sign-up as either buyer or seller with basic information.
  • Post a product : Users can upload 5 images of their product, set the brand, size, color, price and description. They can mention if the product is for selling or renting.
  • Search : Users are able to search for their favorite product, brand, color, size and location near to them.
  • Products : Users can view product listing, select product and view details of product, either buy or request for renting product and make payment for the same.
  • Messaging : Buyer and sellers can do one on messaging with each other for product discussion.
  • Mark favorite : Users can mark product and seller as favorite.
  • Ratings : After purchasing and renting users can provide star rating to the seller/renter.

Technology Stack

  • html5 HTML
  • css3 CSS
  • nodejs Nodejs
  • jquery jQuery
  • art Art
  • php PHP
  • mysql My SQL
  • stripe Stripe
  • Social Media
The Results

The Results

Our client witnessed a spike in profitability by saving costs and turnaround time in parameters like analyzing customer information to optimize marketing efforts, reduced customer service costs through self service features like search functions and order delivery status. Moreover, the site traffic grew by 10% every next quarter since the time of solution delivery, the shopping cart abandonment rate dropped to 60% next year and conversion rates increased to a whopping level.

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