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Welcome to Weed Deliver


On-Demand Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery

Weed Deliver is the most reliable online resource platform that enables customers to find cannabis storefronts, vendors, and deals. The Customer App
helps user to find & browse the latest menu items for available medication and order them. Vendor receives the notification of new orders and assign
driver for delivery. Both Vendors and Customer can track order location and ETA.

Client Goals

A fully functional on-demand cannabis delivery app that supports the following features:

  • Customers can view a list of stores who supply marijuana for the preferred location.
  • Customers can search and select product category based on filters like category, flavors, ml, high, low.
  • Customers can view product list, product detail and place the order.
  • Customers can track order details via order id.
  • Redirect to responsive website.
  • Customers can add the products to cart and then checkout.
  • Customers can view available shipping options like:
    • For recreational purpose - Subject to only pickup
    • For medical – Both pickup and delivery
  • Enable payment via cash only.
  • Push notifications - Driver details in case of delivery.
  • Allow customers to add review and rating for vendor and driver.
  • Customers can view entire order history.


As a next step, our Design team worked upon prototyping and wire frame testing for four user roles: Customer, Vendor, Driver, and Admin. They mapped out the functionality which reduced the amount of back and forth that often comes with the development phase. Also, this helped us to discover the usability issues before the app went live.


On Demand Cannabis/Marijuana Delivery App

Here are the detailed impressions of the designs our UI designers created for Weed Deliver.



Our development team initiated the process by building a system for four separate user roles in the app. Customer, Vendor, Driver, and Admin.
On this development process, they have brainstormed and met certain challenges like:

  • Sign up / Login : Sign up / Login for customers, vendors and drivers, where it asks for supported documents and separate fields for personal contact information.
  • Customer : An app and website for the customer where they can find a list of stores, search for products with applied filters, buy the products, view available shipping options, add pickup and delivery address, track the orders and pay by cash upon receiving them.
  • Vendor : An app and website for the vendor where they can edit profile; get new order notification; view order details; customer details like location on Map;rating; pick-up and drop off location etc. Website features included managing products, orders, drivers and check transaction history.
  • Driver : An app for driver where he can set his availability, receive order notifications from the vendor, view order details, accept order, once accepted update order status, reject order, and view order history.
  • Admin : A web view for Admin where he can manage customers, vendors, orders and all the operations.
The Results

The Results

Weed Deliver allows searching nearby dispensaries, ascertaining its delivery policies, and offers cannabis to medical marijuana patients at their doorsteps and provides recreational marijuana at their own legit terms with a tap of a few buttons.

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