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Social Networking App for Students

Venue promotes students’ union by allowing them to create their own fraternity/sorority and invite other students of same interest to join them and create events all together which can be watched by students of other/same university nationwide. The events can be free or paid depending upon the fraternity admin. The app is designed purposefully to give an apt mix of student’s participation in campus co-curricular activities and events and also create a chance for them to stay connected with their peers through features like instant messaging, events, social media etc.

Client Goals

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. Our client had a pretty broad understanding towards the new type of education that focuses to incorporate three major genres: reasoning, psychomotor and emotional learning. But the actual crisp that complements it was the “Art of living and enjoying together”. He identified the prime need of students, thought it to blend with the digital fad of mobile app and came up with the idea of ‘Venue’ that will help increase student involvement with campus activities and events at every university nationwide. He wanted to create an app that supports the following features:

  • Students can get connected with the college fraternity/sororities
  • Create and join events
  • Instant chat between students
  • View social media profiles of other students and fraternity/sororities
  • Fraternity/sorority can create events and sell tickets


After discerning the complete requirements of our client, our design team worked upon the app prototyping and wireframing. Basically, there were three user roles: Fraternity/Sorority admin, School Admin, and the Student. The app and the UI elements were designed keeping them in mind and were later incremented with one-to-one mapping.


Social Neworking App For Students

Here are the detailed impressions of the app screens our UI designers created for venue.



  • User registration.
  • Email verification by their school.
  • Student profile creation, where they can add their profile picture, personal details etc.
  • Select fraternity/sorority amongst the list and send the request to join.
  • Social media integration of major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat and twitter where students can view social media profiles of other students and fraternity / sororities.
  • Students can see all the upcoming events, explore the event details like date, venue, no. of students attending, time, ticket price etc.
  • Real time communication which allows instant chat between students. They can also attach files while the chat and access camera.
  • Fraternity/sorority can create events and sell tickets. Students can book and cancel tickets.
  • Payment gateway integration which allows students to book tickets and pay for it via credit/debit cards.
  • A School Admin and super Admin app panel which allows them to manage all the fraternities and internal activities.

Technology Stack

  • html5 HTML
  • css3 CSS
  • js Javascript
  • ios IOS
  • swift Swift
  • php PHP
  • mysql My SQL
  • laravel Laravel
  • stripe Stripe
  • sendgrid SendGrid

The Results

“Venue” today is increasing student engagement with a growing popularity. With one tap, it is allowing students to engage with events, social media feeds, videos, photos and more – meaning they can stay connected to all the universities nationwide in one centralized location.

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