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Trackter - A Marketplace Bidding Portal

Trackter is a marketplace bidding portal where seller can get the justified rate for their product by getting connected with buyers directly and vice versa.
Also once there is a deal between buyer and seller then seller can hire shipper/truck driver as well through the same portal.

Client Goals

As per the client, there were no less than three different systems being used in every produce transaction: the buyer’s produce tendering platform, the shipper’s sales program, and the freight company’s load board; eventually, making it tedious to manage. This pain point led to the discovery of Trackter where the platform streamlines all these system into one easy to use platform.

Our client wanted to develop an application to provide service to individuals and communities who needs professional consultancy from approved and authentic professionals under various categories. Through this platform he wanted to benefit both the parties:

The Challenge


As a next step, the Design team created a set of detailed wireframes for the Android and iOS platform. Developed collaboratively over a series of iterations, these defined in detail the app views for Driver. While on the web it covered three user roles: Customer/Carrier/Warehouse Manager.


Trackter - an all-Inclusive Logistics Hub

Take a glance at the app and web screens of Trackter for produce growers, buyers, and shippers.


The Codiant front-end, back-end and design team partnered closely with the client to bring the app and web to market. The back-end team
built a solution which included following functionality:

  • Register as customer (buyer/seller) & carrier.
  • Hire a shipper.
  • Place bid for buy/sell produce.
  • Shipping company add the trucks and drivers in system.
  • Make offer, receive quotes, make counter offer.
  • Shipper create shipment and assigns driver to a shipment.
  • Award one bid to multiple buyer/sellers.
  • Pick and drop of consignments with various statuses.
  • Various bid statuses.
  • Live tracking of deliveries.
  • Make payments.
  • Receive notifications with estimated.
  • Place bids for shipping the produce through system.
  • Generate invoices.
  • Carrier apply on bids.
  • Ratings & reviews.

Technology Stack


  • html
  • css
  • js
  • bootstrap
  • jquery
  • android
  • ios
  • swift


  • php
  • art
  • nodejs

Third Party Tools

  • dwolla
  • twilio
  • map
The Results

The Results

Today, Trackter is built up to be an all-inclusive logistics hub for produce growers, buyers, and shippers. This marketplace app allows sellers to get best real-time pricing for produce and trucks, and help users track their produce. Also, trackter makes payments simple with custom ACH payment portal.

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