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Breathing And Meditation App - Tamarkoz

A Breathing And Meditation App - Granting
Physical, Mental And Spiritual Benefits

Tamarkoz- as the name implies ‘concentration of abilities’ through meditation has happy connotations of energy activation, visualization, and
relaxation. This breathing and meditation app is the provenance of happiness and well-being. Born to help people to deal with stress, increase focus
and take a healthy sleep.

Rested for 1400 years. This app is awoken to help individuals reach the unexplored territories of their hearts and recognize their inner abilities; with
the immersive exercises, picky user’s mood tracing features and some enticing options to keep users in the loop and reiterate practices.


The Need

Rooted in the 1400-year-old discipline of Islamic Sufism, Tamarkoz regimen
of disciplined practices and techniques were not in the reach of common
people. Our client wanted this art of self-knowledge to bloom within the
souls of everyone seeking a practical way to attain inner happiness, well-
being and fulfillment in life. Since the world’s favorite seat is the
smartphone. Only a well-thought-out mobile app could bring the art at the

Client Goals

For this antique app, our client wanted to develop an android and iOS mobile
app & web admin panel. The application should allow users to register in the
app before accessing the listed categories. Wherein, the ‘Stress Relief’ category
would be open for everyone. And the remaining others would need a
subscription. Other primary checklist included:

  • Users must be able to mark favorite categories.
  • Users should be able to access category-wise exercises.
  • Users should be able to track their mood by adding the current mood before watching a video or listening audio and again when the exercise (Audio/video) is completed.
  • Make secure in-app payments
  • Users can invite their contacts via a link sent through text messages or social media.


As our team of analysts identified our client requirements, the UX designers started working on the user’s journey and brought the visibility in app flow through Wireframe creation. The app has two stakeholders i.e. User and Admin. This skeletal framework of app clarified the features of the interface and made the design process iterative.

Tamarkoz wireframes

High Fidelity Prototype

As our abstract ideas were turned into something tangible and got approved by the project managers and client team, our UI designers got ready to work on the app visualization. During the process, they accentuated all the UI elements including fonts, colors palette, design layout to evoke serenity and calmness as these virtues resonated with the nature of the project.


Our development process was broken down into sprints based on feature sets. Our front-end, back-end and design team partnered closely with the client to bring the app to market. The back-end team built a solution which included the following functionalities:


User Registration

Through email id, mobile number, or social logins.


Select Category

Users can select a first free category from the given options like Stress Relief, Focus Better, Sleep Well, and Daily Practices.


Mark as a favorite

User can mark first category as a favorite and can mark any category favorite as per the subscription.


Set Mood

The user has an option to select mood before selecting exercise like relaxed, calm, alert, happy, and stressed.


Select Exercises

Users can select exercise concerning the selected category. All exercises are having a level (Beginner, Intermediate, Pre-advanced, Advanced).


Google Analytics

This feature tracks user engagement and provides average time spent on each event by day, week, month and year.



Users can select an in-app subscription process- Monthly, Yearly and a lifetime Subscription.


Payment Gateway Integration

Users can select from the multiple modes of payments including credit/debit cards.


View Exercise

Users can view audio/video of the exercise, pause/rewind and switch to any other.


Exercise Tracker

Users can view the average time spent on exercises daily, monthly and yearly.



Users can receive general and exercise-related notifications.



User can access all the text present in the FAQ screen.


Manage Users

Admin can view, add, edit, and activate/deactivate any user.


Manage Categories

Admin can view, add, edit, and activate/deactivate any category.


Manage Audios/Videos

Admin can manage category and exercise dependent videos.


Manage Mood

Admin can view, add, and edit any mood.


Manage Invitees

Admin can manage invitees by user, mobile no. and check their status.


Manage Reports

Admin can track each and every record of the system.


Manage Subscriptions:

Admin can manage monthly/annually/lifetime subscriptions.

Technology Stack

Tamarkoz Result

The Results

M.T.O Tamarkoz, the meditation and relaxation app is helping people around the globe cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, during this crisis time the app is offering free guided visualization, deep relaxation, Movazaneh (slow meditative movements), and other heart concentration exercises to help people achieve overall balance, relieve both psychological and physiological tensions and enhance sleep.

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