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Welcome to Sociality


An Online Dating App- On a Mission to End Deceptive Dates

Sociality is not like just another dating app brimming in the market. The app’s unique features make millennials its easy prey.
Soaked with reviving experience the app’s open nature to befriend nearby people, view timeline, flag themselves, find a match,
invite people for occasions like party, hiking, sports, etc. makes it a charismatic app to indulge into. The app-based on the
geo-fencing concept has loads of other features to give daters a butterfly effect.


The Need

The online dating apps have become an ethereal escape for people looking for meaningful relationships as well as casual hookups. With a plethora of dating apps lurking in the app stores, we cannot deny the apps are also equating frustration with fun. The online dating environment where the whole selling point has come down to “finding a date easily” has unfortunately left touchpoints like trust, genuineness, honesty open-ended. Our client-focused heavily on these issues and approached us at Codiant to curb these sucking concerns with a set of solutions they have brainstormed to flatten the curve.

Client Goals

  • Our client wanted to stop the use of deceptive pics that created a false image of the user for the viewer. So, he asked us to enable only a front-facing camera to create profile pictures.
  • Often people are found dating multiple persons at a time to stop this infidelity, he proposed a solution of ‘only one match at a time’ i.e. if a person finds a match, he/she cannot be matched with another.
  • Users can only send one message to a random stranger and wait for his/her reply to be able to send another- again to stop the rain of messages from unknowns.
  • A user should be able to create not more than one profile.
  • The user should be notified instantly if someone visits his/her profile.
  • Public flag and private flag feature to give the user control of their profile. They can choose to make it public or private.
  • To make the app interesting and to allow people expand their network he planned to make it social-> people can party, hangout, play sports together, go to a concert, etc.


After understanding the features and flow of the app, our team of UX designers created a detailed wireframe of the app for both iOS and Android app platforms. This app prototype helped our UI designers nail down the interface and assisted the developers to think and communicate about the structure of the app.


High Fidelity Prototype

Once the wireframes were finalized, we started working on the app’s UI and design elements. The color selection, fonts and typographical choices, design layout, and other UI assets were highlighted during this phase. This is how the final design looked like.



Our front-end, back-end and design team partnered closely with the client to bring the app to market. The back-end team built a solution which included the following functionalities:


Login Screen

Users can create an account through email id/phone no and recovery key.


Sign Up

Users can add details like story, name, location, interest, gender, and age.


People Around You

The geofencing feature allows users to see nearby people and see their details like profile picture, current location, distance from the location, user interest pass and allows to send video messages and more.


Flag Yourself

There are two flags- public flag and private flag. The user can flag himself as public if he wants to be discovered by other people in proximity and flag as private in the reverse case.


Search and Message

A user can send a text/video/emoticons messages to their match. And if not a match then the user can only chat if the person replies. There is also the feature to view receiver status (online/offline), message status (delivered/seen), message editing, etc.


Like People

A user can send three reactions to other user’s profiles- Like/Love/Match. (Match can only be sent if the person is not matched with someone else).


Points and Loots

Users can invite their friends to the app through social channels and messengers and earn points.


Invite People

Users can invite people for occasions like party, hiking, sports, hanging on, etc.



Users will get notifications if someone sends messages/like/unlike/love/unlove/ visits profile.



Users can set controls like discovery (on/off), love like (on/off), change profile picture, and change notification settings.

Technology Stack

  • php PHP
  • my-sql My SQL
  • laravel Laravel
  • html HTML
  • jquery Jquery
  • redis ReDIS
  • java Java
  • android-studio-4 Android Studio 4
  • android-developers Android Developer Tools
  • swift Swift
  • Xcode Xcode 10

The Results

Sociality’s UX is intuitive, features are loved by the users and the color palette is extra charming. This online dating app allows people to make friends, find a suitable match, and expand networks. The app also facilitates communication between people nearby and make a social circle for celebrating occasions, hanging out, and partying together. While there are a few more details in the app, we have covered a huge amount of territory.

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