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Next Generation Real Estate Web And App

The PadTime project required us to build a unique solution that reinforces the traditional real estate apps burgeoning in the marketplace by a special feature that supports live property viewing by the renters. Yes, this solution is backed by WebRTC (Tokbox) that makes it possible for renters to take a live show of their favourite property. Not limited to this, PadTime is a real estate web and app where agents can upload the Property listing (to sell/rent) and renters can search, view properties based on specific criteria.


The Key Takeaway

For property buyers the application enabled quick and easy property viewing with advanced search features like location map and uses tokbox to tour the property virtually. While for real estate companies and brokers selling and renting their property became quite easier in the app and web.

Client Goals

After catering years in real estate industry our clients Mr. Patchen and Feizian realized the suppressing need of solution that could simplify their process of detailed property listing and buying/selling with advanced filters to their prospective clients. They wanted a real-estate website and App (Android +iOS) for three types of users i.e. for Agent, Renter and Guest user. They came to us with the following requirement:

  • Live Broadcast : Need a live broadcasting where renter can easily view the property they are interested in and agents can schedule the properties going live and renters can stay updated.
  • Map : A search map to view properties on lease, sell or rent.
  • Chat : A built-in chat to make collaboration fast, easy and fun. Real time chatting between agent and renter.
  • Property Detail : Capture all the crucial details of property like image, price, and location.
  • Live Showing : Get notified and watch the live inspection of property by the agent.
  • Advance Filter : For quick search of the properties.


After having a crude understanding of the project we began with the rigorous wireframe development process. Our UX developers created a detailed set for three user roles: Renter, Agent & Guest User. We decided to start from scratch with the user identity, and stripped down to the essentials- like multiple menu the user slide between to reach different sections. Here’s an overview.


App Screen

Take a glance at the app and web screens of Padtime for Renter, Agent & Guest User.



  • Signup : Role based Signup for Agent and Renter.
  • Live Broadcasting : Used tokbox, a third party API so that agents can do live broadcasting.
  • Search Property : User can search property via address, city, state and zip code.
  • Filter : Advanced filters on categories like no. of BA, no. of BR, price, and amenities for a quicker search.
  • Map and list view : User can view the property’s location on map view.
  • Property Detail : User can view all the detail of the property they are interested based on the specific criteria like property name, ratings, description, availability, price, no. of BA and BR to name a few.
  • Agent's Profile : Renter can contact agent just by viewing their profile.
  • Chatting : Renter and agent can do one on one chatting with each other.
  • Real time notifications : Renters or users get real time notifications and alerts about the property updates and listings on their chosen area/location.
  • Add Favorites/Block : Users can mark any property as their favourite and block as well.

Technology Stack

  • html5 HTML
  • css3 CSS
  • nodejs Nodejs
  • jquery jQuery
  • android Android
  • ios IOS
  • laravel Laravel
  • laravel Laravel
  • circle Circle

The Results

PadTime’s own unique set of features has been one of the most outstanding next-gen solutions of real-estate till date. With promising user interface design, custom applications, search engine optimization and information architecture this US based real-estate website is a quintessential solution for any real estate company anticipating to move digitally forward.

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