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Online Platform Psychotherapy Delivery

OPTT is an Online Psychotherapy Tool, which manages clinic, caregiver and patients. It’s a web portal that enables caregivers to create
appointments for patients, assign assignments and add progress notes. Successively, patients fill that assignment and submit; caregiver
reviews the same and provide note on it.

Technology Stack


  • html
  • css
  • bootstrap
  • js


  • laravel
  • mysql

OPTT Web Design

Client Goals

Our client wanted to create a web portal to manage Clinics, Patients
& Caregivers with following features embedded into it:

  • Login with your Credentials
  • Add Clinic, Caregivers & Patients
  • Assign Patients to Caregivers.
  • Appointment/Chat between Caregivers & Patients.
The Challenge


After closely understanding the client’s requirements our UX designers created wire frames that helped push usability to the forefront in showcasing page layouts at their core. Also, our developers got an ease to thoroughly understand conversion paths, naming of links, navigation placement and feature placement.



Our development team worked closely with the client and brought these features to life.

  • Admin can add clinic, Caregiver and Patients.
  • Clinic can add their Patients and Caregivers.
  • Clinic & Admin both can assign patients to Caregivers.
  • The Caregiver can create and close the appointment with patients.
  • The caregiver can chat with patients during the appointment.
  • The Caregiver can give Assignments & Documents to Patients during the appointment.
  • Patients can fill the assignments and submit it to the caregivers.
  • The caregiver will review the assignment and put their evaluation note and close it. Once the appointment is closed, no chat and no assignment evaluation will happen.
  • Once the appointment is closed, no chat and no assignment evaluation will happen.
The Results

The Results

Our client witnessed a spike in profitability by saving costs and
turnaround time in parameters like analyzing customer information to
optimize marketing efforts, reduced customer service costs through self service features like search functions and order delivery status. Moreover, the site traffic grew by 10% every next quarter since the time of solution delivery, the shopping cart abandonment rate dropped to 60% next year and conversion rates increased to a whopping level.

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