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Gymfit App

Gym Fit App is a workout and exercise app that can help users maintain fitness at home without having to go to the gym.
With Gym Fit App users can build their workout routine as per their level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and elite.
Work on a specific body part and check meal plans to stick to their fitness programs with full consistency while staying motivated.


There are many people out here having different goals but the same aim- FITNESS. Somebody
wants to lose fat, somebody just wants to stay in shape and the other ones are maybe looking to
build a ‘macho’ body. All these users do work hard in gyms, follow diet plans or take the help of
multiple fitness apps to accomplish their goals but at a point of time tend to lose interest when
they find the whole lot process cumbersome, or make them feel “I am still nowhere!” Leading
them derailed.

Fitness routine needs two constant virtues : Consistency and Passion. And to keep these virtues
alive one needs- a well-guided Workout and Training App. An app that can make a user learn the
‘HOW-TO’, keep their progress in-check and keep them stay motivated. With this principle clear in mind; we started working on the app by first understanding our target market and user persona


Gymfit App Target Users

For the sake of this app, we have focused on two different age groups generation who are fitness conscious with
different goals and the same aim.

“Consistency with full motivation and tangible results.”

User Segments

Millennials, Or Generation Y
(24 – 34 Years Old)

Passionate About The Fitness

Goal: Want To Build A Perfect, Well-Toned Body

Generation X
(Roughly 35 – 50 Years Old)

Know Full Importance Of Fitness

Goal: Want To Stay Healthy And Fit


User Research

User Persona

  • Works 10-6 PM (weekdays).
  • Workout Routine Goes for a short walk30 min (in weekdays)
  • Activities Running, Cycling, Jogging, Meditation .
  • Sleeping patterns 6-7 hours
  • Technology Facebook, Instagram
  • Devices Smartphones, laptops, tablets

Empathy Table

To understand our target users’ emotions, pain points,and aspirations.

Based on the target users defined above, we recruited 5 personas who previously Or in present were trying to get fit. We
conducted their interviews to know their needs, behaviors, goals and experience with other fitness apps with pains and
gains. After doing the research we landed up to collecting these details:

Users Pain Points Needs And Goals
Adults (35-50 age group)
  • Only instructions no video made
    it difficult to interpret
  • Don’t know if the levels of exercise
    are too heavy for my age
  • Lack of proper training
  • Need to Google for diet plans
  • To exercise regularly.
  • Want to stay fit without any
    heavy workouts
  • Want to have a healthy diet
  • Stay motivated
Adults (24-34 age group)
  • No way to keep track on daily workout
  • Daily goals are hard to reach
  • No proper eating habits after workout
  • Want to work on a specific body part
  • Weight loss is the main aim
  • Want a pro-muscular body
  • Want an app that covers
    training + Nutrition + Motivation

User Flowchart

Gym Fit wireframes


Based on this user flow and keeping my target users in mind, their needs, and behavior, the next goal of our UX team was to create the wireframes or app prototypes. Crafting these low fidelity prototypes presents our designers and developer team an opportunity to take a look at the flow of the app and allows them for revisions. Gym Fit App is divided into six main parts: Profile, Workouts, Exercises, Diets, Blogs, and Motivational quotes.



App Nomenclature and Visual Design

In parallel with the development of wireframes, our crew of brand strategists and creative designers started working on the visual
design of the brand.

App Naming & Logo Creation : As our users were focused more on fitness and gym regime, we thought to keep the name
that is simple to remember, relate their passion, and at the same time reflect the purpose. GymFitApp had it all.


For logo designing we’ve picked the first letter of app name i.e. ‘G’ and infused a gradient incubated from different fitness bending poses.
The end result as a blended G elicited flexibility and springiness which served to define the brand identity



The app’s UI has the basic color as orange as it represents enthusiasm, strength, encouragement and endurance which our target users needed most.
Plus, to keep the design moody yet clean, we have pulled white and black tones.

Gym Fit APP

High Fidelity Prototype

The vertical tab structure designed in the app’s home page makes the app simple, clean and avoids any clutter, making it easy for users of all types to find
their interest on same screen. While they tap their interest they can click to delve and start working out with the guided videos.



We have developed apps for both platforms i.e. iOS and Android. Our iOS and Android developers
worked on the development of final designs and included these features:

  • Sign-up/ Login : For easy onboarding, we have asked users only for their email id and password.
  • Profile : Users can check their favorite workouts, blogs, and diets.
  • Workout : Users can work out as per there set goals like fat loss, build muscle, transform and gaining strength. And as per their set levels like beginner, intermediate, advanced, and elite.
  • Exercises : Users can exercise based on their specific body parts like biceps, quads, chest, forearms, etc.
  • Workout with Equipment : Users can work-out according to the equipment they have like dumbbells, barbell pull-up bar, etc. Exercises are also available if they do not have any equipment.
  • Mark Favorite : Mark any workout, blog and diet plan as favorite.
  • Diets : There are personalized diet plans for weight loss as well as muscle gains.
  • Blog : Users can read informative fitness related blogs posted by the admin.
  • Motivational Quotes : Users can stay motivated by daily quotes.

Technology Stack

  • react-native React Native
  • react-js React Js
  • javascript Javascript
  • visual-studio-code Visual Studio Code
  • expo Expo
  • andriod-sdk Andriod SDK
  • ios IOS
  • ios-device IOS Device
  • android Android Device

The Results

Gym Fit App is loved by many fitness enthusiasts today. They love the all-in-one feature of the app which makes this app as a personal workout+ trainer+ diet plan based app. The simple video exercise guides, breakout plan into Day 1, Day 2, so on makes it streamlined. We are working on many other features by our user’s recommendations and requests. Stay tuned to get updates!

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