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Welcome To Groopylife


Safe and Easy Way to Connect, Chat and Socialize

Groopylife is a Social networking app made for Students and Alumni of Schools, Colleges and Universities which allows them to share their moments and events, like & comment on their friends posts, chat them via messaging feature, browse their real time location and check the news and updates of their friends.

Client Goals

After using the bandwagon social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, our client Cleveland R Jones from US felt a need of a similar kind of social networking app on iOS platform that could connect the students, alumni , staff members and campus owner of same school, college or university and make the communication easier. He came to us taking this idea and asked us to develop an iOS app and web that allows students to:

  • Share their campus moments
  • Share the updates and stories in text, images, videos etc.
  • Promote their events and Activities.
  • React on posts with emojis.
  • Chat and share the real-time location with their friends.


After closely identifying the clients requirements our team created a skeletal framework of the website that best accomplished to understand the purpose of client. It helped us to define the information hierarchy of the design, making it easier for us to plan the layout according to how we want our user to process the information.


Our Solution

The app offers a full line of finest features that could make an in-house communication superior, safe and easiest without compromising the uniqueness and a distinct identity that makes groopylife stand out as opposed to existing applications.



Our back-end team worked upon the iOS app and came up with a solution that supported the following features:

  • Signup : Student, Staff member and Campus can sign up with basic information.
  • Post features : Users can post Events, Moments, updates and News. These features appear in "Notes" and "trending" section on the application.
  • Moments : User can create their own moments with Photos, videos, caption and add friends. Tagged friends can also view the moments on their timeline.
  • Events : User can create promotional events for their campus.
  • Messaging : Friends can do one on one messaging with each other. They can also share the stickers at the time of messaging.
  • Location share : User can share their current locations as well in order to notify their friends.

Technology Stack

  • html5 HTML
  • css3 CSS
  • nodejs Nodejs
  • jquery jQuery
  • ios IOS
  • mysql My SQL
  • php PHP
  • art Art
  • ionic ionic
  • jquery jQuery
  • html5 HTML
The Results

The Results

The Groopylife app made by Codiant team has radically changed the conventional way schools, colleges or universities used to follow to maintain communication amongst their students and staff members in an isolated manner. Groopylife enables a fluid communication method in the university and the speed in which the students are racking up the app downloads number in the USA is a pretty good evidence of its increasing penchant and popularity.

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