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Welcome to Bazr


Online Market To Connect And Exchange Local Goods Or Services

BAZR is a marketplace eCommerce web and app which allows users to connect with other local users to get specific jobs or
tasks done. Users can exchange message with each other for further communication and submit the rating and review once the
job is completed.


The Challenge

The rising penetration of internet, with a strong underpinning of ecommerce culture, has revitalized the
exigency of BAZR, an ecommerce marketplace by David Lovely, where users can buy or sell any type of
goods/jobs swiftly without any hassles and can further give ratings/reviews to the kind of service they
experienced that can seemingly aid other users while making purchasing decisions.

Client Goals

  • Develop a best-in-class android, iOS app, and website experience that pull the maximum traction of buyers and sellers through better job/lister discovery and uninterrupted communication functionality.
  • Deliver jobs that users could easily find and navigate.
  • Add rate and review feature.


As a next step, through information architecture we focused on designing a set of detailed wireframes for both iOS and Android that embeds effective navigation, labeling and organization, making it easier for customers for an uninterrupted buy and sell. Wireframe usability tests—despite their simplicity—can help teams and clients seriously question, rethink and fine-tune a site’s overall experience.


App Screens



Our Development Teams were met with a multitude of challenges, most notably:

  • Implementing geolocation
  • Twilio messaging api
  • Serving users nearby offers without overburdening the server
  • Our developers went to work on the app, creating a fast, geohash-based map searching algorithm that allows users to find nearby offers, without burdening the server.
  • We built a system that tracks a user’s location as he or she progresses through an offer.
  • We added third-party integrations like facebook login to make bazr easier to set up and use. we used google cloud messaging services and apple push notification services to efficiently implement push notifications on mobile apps.

Technology Stack

  • html5 HTML
  • css3 CSS
  • js Javascript
  • jquery jQuery
  • android Android
  • ios IOS
  • art Art
  • ajax Ajax
  • mysql My SQL
  • php PHP

The Results

Today, the BAZR App is well known for its core service which enables
sellers to list items for sale or services on time boxed basis and gives the buyers an opportunity to purchase an item or hire a service.

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